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How Do I Start A Build Log?

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I'm having brain fade this afternoon.  I've read all of the comments and directions re what to title the log, specific things that should appear in the title, etc. -- but danged if I can find a simple button that says "Start Your Build Log".  Typical question from a newbie I suppose, but it is rather well hidden if such a button exists.


Thanks -- Tom in NC


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Same way you started this forum.  Go to the appropriate forum - KITS or SCRATCH -  on the main page, click on the forum title, In the next screen, click the Green "Start a New Topic" button in upper right and go.

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Jack:  I interpreted that button as adding to the commentary below.  Then, after getting your answer, I scrolled down and found the build logs of others. I thank you for pointing me in the right direction and, as expected, I feel like a goof.  At the age of 75 I'm getting used to that though.


All best,

Tom in NC

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This summer I built a 30-year old model of the Portland, a paddle wheel steamer.  We have toted that thing around for all these years and I finally got into the mood to build model ships again.  I'm going to report on that build, then I'll start reporting on my new project, the Mantua Sergal model of the Cutty Sark.  



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