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Mast replacement help

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 This is one of the top part of the mast on my plastic USS constitution build.  As you can probably tell from the pictures it’s slightly warped and it is real flimsy. I’d like to make a new piece of wood or something else that would be straight and a little bit more stiffer.  Any suggestions as to the type of wood to use or an alternative would be greatly appreciated.  



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Hi Antonio

I don't know what is available where you live, but where I live I can get a big package of bamboo skewers at my grocery store for a dollar or so. It is a lifetime supply of small diameter dowling and other uses! The type of wood, (Or in this case, grass) is not all that important as you will be painting it white anyway.


I am sure that someone with more knowledge and skill than I have will be along soon with more or better choices.


Good luck

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