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HMS Triton 1773 by svein erik - 1:48 - POF

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Hi everyone 😊 


Yust started to get all of the drawings and I have now printed all the A4 , A1 and A0 

I do need to get the wood for the hull ,

there is some local hero's not far from me 😁 they have some cherry 1,5"×4"  some oak, walnut, purpleheart....

And I have at home some blackthorn wood .

the model wil have a mix of boxvood and yellow cedar for innboard planks and detaling and hull planking from the wales up.

This is my first POF😲🙈so maby this is a bad ide'!!!!

Photo 3 is the blackthorn wood 









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Hi Boyd and thanks for comments,  

by the way , Your victory is a beauty 😄 Am stil working on my syren and cant wait to do the rigging LOL...

and I thing the triton is an interesting prodjekt , for me it's about learning to build POF ships .

I only have 3 year's  of shipsmodel building, so I my have to ask you for help. .....😉

My first task is to get the wood I want to use for the hull and make a plan for how I want my triton to look etc.

Have a grait cristmas 🍻



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Hej Erik!


Glad to see more POF builders from Nordics, have a good Christmas! Looking forward for some build pictures ;) hope your wood dealer is good!

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