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The Lynx

Kevin Kenny

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Hi Kevin;


Thanks for posting this. She is such a beautiful sight! Looks like she can sail very close to the wind, too.


All the best,


Mark P

Previously built models (long ago, aged 18-25ish) POB construction. 32 gun frigate, scratch-built sailing model, Underhill plans.

2 masted topsail schooner, Underhill plans.


Started at around that time, but unfinished: 74 gun ship 'Bellona' NMM plans. POB 


On the drawing board: POF model of Royal Caroline 1749, part-planked with interior details. My own plans, based on Admiralty draughts and archival research.


Always on the go: Research into Royal Navy sailing warship design, construction and use, from Tudor times to 1790. 


Member of NRG, SNR, NRS, SMS

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The narration is kinda sappy and melodramatic - "some say she has a sole" - "and then she was gone" - perhaps it was produced for kids - but the film of the schooner is just lovely.


Thanks for posting it!


There are only two surviving plans for named, 1812 Chesapeake Bay Pilot schooner privateers: Lynx was one; and the awesome Grecian the other, both Kemp designed vessels. There are many other plans, but none can be tied to any specific vessel. The film ought to have mentioned how they were able to accurately reconstruct the Lynx.

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16 hours ago, Kevin Kenny said:

Cant find a video on her build but lots of photos on the App Pintrest

Thanks Kevin, I'd found lots of photos but I was after some of her out of the water to have a look at the run aft and as most model photos look down at the model, or at best a straight profile, they don't really give a clear view of the lines under the counter, so I was trying to find some of the actual ship out of the water. I thought with a project like that they'd do a doco or blog on her build hence my search was in that direction.


I'll keep an eye out.





Edited by mgdawson


Mark D

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