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I'm new to this forum and new to model wooden ship building. I'm impressed by the expertise of the many contributors and a bit apprehensive about joining in. Everyone seems to have a good attitude of collaboration, so here goes. 


I'm building the Artesania Latina Hermione. The hull planking and painting are done and I'm about to install - ship - the ten cannons and carriages that are visible on the main deck. The AL instructions and illustrations show the installation of line that passes through the carriage (breaching line?) and is attached at both ends to the bulwork.  As I look through various illustrations of the modern replica Hermione it's clear that there is at least one other rigging set present. That set is a line that passes through a set of blocks and is used for returning the cannon to its firing position. I'm thinking that would be a nice detail to add to my project. But, as I research this rigging a third set is often shown that extends from the rear of the cannon toward the midship line. What is that set for? I rarely, if ever, see that set in other models. Lastly, I'm I right in thinking that the French used a different arrangement than the British for how that breaching line is attached?

Hermione cannon 5.JPG

Cannon rigging 9 French.jpg



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Good Evening Spike;


I wish you all the best with completing your model.


The tackle at the rear is called the train tackle. When the cannon was fired, its recoil pushed it back within board. It needed to stay in that position while it was swabbed and reloaded. This was where the train tackle came into use.  During this operation, it was kept taut so that if the deck heeled down towards the gun-port, the cannon would not roll while the crew were working on it.


Once reloaded, the train tackle was un-hooked, and the gun-tackles (the ones on each side) were used to run the gun out ready for firing.


Train tackles were not always issued as part of the gunner's stores, and even when available, were not always issued at the rate of one per gun.


Concerning the breeching, I know little of French practice, but it looks from the illustration as though the breeching passes through the sides of the gun-carriage, which, as you say, is very different to English methods.  I remember some other contributors here posting pictures of a replica ship, Danish I think, which was breeched in the same manner. I believe it was Tadeusz.


All the best,


Mark P



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Hi and welcome to the forums Spike. 


BE and Mark have essentially answered your question I believe, but an added bit of info is that the 'Train Tackle' could also be used to haul the gun 'out of battery' and/or from a close stowed (sea lashed) position into the loading position.  Sometimes the gun may be loaded but not fired (that is it is 'in battery') and would need to be hauled back to have it unloaded.  Sometimes in war/expecting action conditions guns would be loaded ready for immediate use, and the guns would need to be hauled back occasionally to check powder etc also.





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Well, after many conversations with myself and as much research as I could absorb I was able to attach some rigging to the 12-pounders on the gun deck of Hermione. I used the valuable Syren resources for the needed 2mm single and double blocks as well as the breaching lines and the rigging lines. I used a lot of the tips and tricks presented in this forum as well as much from Hubert Sicard's invaluable "Wooded Ship Models for Dummies". I'm pretty happy with the results. Both the starboard and larboard gun crews may be due for a few lashes for not getting the Flemish coils the same size but they/I will get better at it.


They are now partially hidden as the main deck is installed but enough can be seen to be appreciated.







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      Artesania Latina L'Hermione


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