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Heel Rope

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I am building the Euromodel schooner, Lyde, which has a bowsprit + jibboom (but no flying-jib). At the jibboom heel, there is a sheave and as good as the drawings are, I cannot determine the function of the heel rope that would pass through it.


Can anybody help me with an explanation ?



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Hi Pete, according to the 'Nautical Dictionary' by A. Young - 1863  (pdf copies of this dictionary are available online)

A heel-rope is applied through the heel of anything, particularly that which is rove through a sheave at the heel of the jib-boom, or of the bowsprit, for the purpose of hauling it out.  The ropes which are used at the heels of topmasts and topgallant masts are termed mast-ropes.


I hope this clears it up?





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Hi Pat,

Of course … had a mental block there for a moment but thanks for the correction of my thinking that all heel ropes were called 'heel ropes'. The term 'mast-ropes' is new to me so I will go back into my notes and make a few corrections. There is always something new to learn.


I will download that pdf so thanks for that as well.




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