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500 year old Dutch Shipwreck

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Very interesting. I look forward to hearing more about this one. Built about thirty years later than Mary Rose, but very close in time to Mary Rose's rebuild in 1536. It will be interesting to compare the two.



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Guest bearegalleon

It would be especially interesting to see how the bow structure was constructed.  This is the transition era when forecastles placed above the waist rail were beginning to move down, integral to the hull.  In a sense, the last of the truly medieval forecastle constructions.  

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I agree. Galleons had certainly made their appearance by 1545, with the characteristic beakhead and low forecastle. It will be interesting to know whether this vessel is one of them, or is old-style. I think I'd be expecting the new type in this case 



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The wreck is said to have been well preserved. And is approximately 25 meters long and 7 meters wide


Some pictures of the cargo. Text is in Dutch.



Regards, Patrick


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