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UK - wipe-on-poly brand?

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Wipe on poly is just normal oil based polyurethane diluted with white spirit. I just buy Wilko own brand poly and dilute it 1:1 with white spirit. I am using it at the moment on my Germania build if you want to see what it looks like.


You can buy it at Amazon - but don't - silly price.


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Keith, thanks, that makes it straightforward (I like straightforward). I am very impressed with the looks of your Germania and will experiment with the home-brew wipe-on-poly on the different woods I am accumulating for my build.

My garage/workshop is very poorly sheltered from the Sussex elements and I intend to get this round of experiments over quickly now the weather has turned nice.



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On 4/20/2019 at 7:18 AM, Keith Black said:

 Speaking of wipe on poly......I've read many discussions regarding knot sizing using CA and reasons for not using CA and the seemingly preferred method using diluted white glue. Could WOP be a viable option?

Hmm, that is worth trying.... WOP for sizing.

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Since I posed the question I've sized several knots using WOP. It seems to work well with the only drawback being it takes overnight for the poly to dry and hold. At first the line looks "wet" but after the line dries it's appearance is close to original and has a natural look.  In CA's favor, dry time is instant but it leaves a milky look and it seems to make the knot/line look unnatural. I've not tried diluted white glue.

 I am new to rigging so everything is trial and error at this point. My first whipped eye looked like the casting reel you handed back to your father the first time he took you fishing.  

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Update: Water based polyurethane varnish is now officially endangered in the UK. Ronseal and, I believe two other big manufacturers, have dropped it from their range in the last year. A chat with someone in an independent shop confirmed my hunch that polyurethane just isn't a sexy branding choice. There are more and more acrylic and spirit branded varnishes on the shelves but it looks like 'poly' is out of vogue. Poor poly.

It is still available in the UK from at least two sources and I have bought what I hope will be a lifetime supply.

The products still available are:


Johnstone's Durable Quick Dry Polyurethane Varnish

There are probably others but I could not find them.




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