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Floquil, (God rest it's soul.) once made great weathered wood stains in various colors for "weathered oak," "driftwood" and so on. Sadly, it's no longer available. (Environmental concerns, don'tcha know.) There are commercial weathering stains. Another approach is to use thinned colors... blacks, greys, browns, to suit your taste. Apply the thinned color thickly on horizontal surfaces (lay the piece down and paint the top side) and let the solvent soak in and dry. That should carry more color into the deeper grain pockets. It looks like that's what you've got going already in your pictures. What you've done looks pretty good, if that's what you were looking for. It sure looks like weathered wood to me!

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Some time back, I produced this effect by scratching random, longitudinal grooves in my planking with an Exacto knife ....


... the grooves were then filled with a standard HB pencil, before I applied a few coats of wood stains, lightly sanding back in between. As I recall, I used Old Baltic, Golden Teak and Oak stains from Feast Watson. If you are at all interested (at the time, I never thought anyone else would be), feel free to check-out my Bounty Launch log in the link below. Start about halfway down pg4 ....

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