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Bluenose ll

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I need more .25mm brown cotton thread rigging line for a Artesania Latina Bluenose ll kit i'm trying to finish. It's an older kit(10+yrs) but I believe the thread hasn't changed. I bought some from a sourc,but when it arrived it was obviously not what the packaging said it was. It is actually (too smal)  and I'm having a hard time finding the correct line. Does anyone out there have some of this that they are willing to sell and ship To Canada ,Quebec , Any help is appreciated as this has my project on hold until I can get more.

Felix Nadeau


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Hi Felix,

Have you tried Cornwall Model Boats? They have Artesania Latina rigging thread. They ship very quickly and inexpensively to Canada. I use them all the time.




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I'd go with what Frankie said and recommend that you take a sample of the thread with you.  

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