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Fair American Pawls and Eyebolts

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To Fair American modelers, the MS kit doesn’t include pawls fittings, and the plans don’t detail them. I’d like to know what other modelers have done to create them. What is the best material to use for eyebolts and padeyes, and what’s the best way to form these? Also, page 42 of the Fair American instruction manual shows a very detailed capstan. The plans don't detail this and I've not seen this on other builds. Where can I find capstan details?


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Eyebolts are pretty easy to make if you don't want to buy them.  Some thin copper or brass wire (appropriate to the existing ones) and small drill bit the size of the hole on the existing ones.  Pull a length of wire over the bit and twist.  It'll take a bit of practice to sort out how much tension to use when twisting but it isn't all that hard.   A lot of scratch builders make their own.


Do you have a photo of the pawls?  

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Basically, the capstan had "teeth" for lack of a better word, close to the deck.  The pawls were attached by a bolt to a plank of wood that was bolted to the deck.  Depending on the which pawl was used, the capstan could be "locked" into position.   See the drawing below.  The arrow points to the pawls.




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