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How Do You Tackle Your Tackle?

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I'm getting close to finishing up the rigging on my Yacht Mary, and  was exploring some technique for setting up the several tackle required.

I was wondering about the methods others may use.


I set up the final dimensions, and then hang it with some tension on it.  I then wet it down with very thin white glue.

It usually dries overnight before I fit it to the boat..



After over ten years of very intermittent work, I'm finally seeing the end of the tunnel..

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I don't just put a drop on knots..  I wet the whole line. Very diluted of course, but it helps the line keep its shape and can be loosened with

water if needed.


I have experimented with shellac and varnish, and in my experience they darken or add a shine to the line, which may be desirable

in some cases, but not what I am going for..

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Yes, it is understood, that the hole rope/tackle would be impregnated. I am doing this to get closer to the natural sag of ropes and coils of ropes. Here is an example of arranging ropes in situ and weighing them down until the solvent has evaporated.




Any sheen from the varnish tends to disappear, when when one applies some pure varnish (here acetone) with a brush.

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