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A short description about the plans for Winchelsea

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If you are considering joining this group to build the model of Winchelsea,  here is a brief description of the plans you will gain access to.  You will need to download these PDF documents and print them yourself at Kinkos or other facility.


There are four large sheets that contain all of the details...they are 40" x 30" in size.  Just make sure you print them to the correct size and "as in document".  Check your prints against the scale bar on each sheet which shows 1/4" increments.   They should match that size after printing.


There is another PDF file that contains something like 30 pages I cant remember exactly.   This file is for the bulkheads and all plywood parts.  All of these parts will be made from 1/4" thick plywood.  I am using aircraft light ply.  But remember,  all 1/4" thick plywood is not actually a 1/4" thick.   You may have to alter the width of the slots so your bulkheads will fit nicely into the slots of the false keel.   


These files are presented on 8 1/2" x 11" pages so you can just print them out on your personal printer and get started.   There are however two sheets that are 11 x 17 because they were too large.  These can be printed at staples or kinkos or something like that.  So with these initial files so easy to print on your own you can adhere them to your plywood and cut them out with a scroll saw.


Feel free to start a discussion on your personal favorite method for adhering the templates to the plywood.  I am sure it would be very helpful to everyone participating in the group.


You will need EIGHT 12" x 24" sheets of 1/4" ply to fit all of these parts for the skeletal framework.


Any Questions???


Oh!!!  This model is in 1/4" scale and when finished it will be 38" long.  This model will be unrigged and was inspired by the contemporary model of the HMS Winchelsea in the National Maritime Museum.  Its a very big model.

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