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Hello all ,

After several  changes of mind as to which model to build after my current build , because of the larger scale and the fact I really admire the various schooner versions , I have decided to go for Model Shipways " Glad Tidings " . I think I am skilled enough and would like  to build an all wood version without any paint , using various types of woods for hull and Deck planking and cabins etc . Because I would like the woods to contrast nicely with each other and adding some extra deck furniture and make the effort to make it a hand down for my Grandson , I would like peoples thoughts and views on which woods would be good to use for the various parts of the build  ?


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For light wood, I would get some of the Cedar from Syren Ship Model Company.


For the darker stuff, to add contrast,  I have had good success with various woods from ModelExpo..  Mahogany, walnut and cherry..  They have a wide variety of strips ( no strips at Syren ) and 

sheets.  The sheets will be a better value if you can cut your own strips.  ( ModelExpo is offering free shipping today on orders of $50 or more.. )


Another option to consider is to use most of what is provided in the kit, and use veneer to cover details where you choose.  You can get a variety of veneer from places like Rockler and Woodcraft.


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