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Rigging the sheet. On constitution


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That is a pretty complicated question, since the sheet would be different depending on which yard it was on.


Is the sheet your only problem?  On the courses; main and fore, the sheet would reave through a block that was one of a three block configuration, as seen here on the plans for the MS Rattlesnake.

I'm thinking it would be similar on the Constitution. 




As you can see, without a rigging plan, it probably wouldn't be practical to try to talk you through all the sheets on the Constitution.


I noticed you asked another question about the MS Constitution rigging..

Are you having to work without a rigging plan?

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9 hours ago, JerseyCity Frankie said:

 I feel this is silly but completists want their cake and eat it too? I

I'm with you on this..    We see many examples where the modeler and the kit plans want to show all the  tackle and lines that would not be present in the absence of sails..

But then again, the list is long, of those conventions that modelers follow that have little basis in reality, but might be pleasing aesthetically, depending on one's taste..


I'm still trying to wrap my head around trying to rig the Constitution without a rigging plan..

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