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Treatment of cotton rope

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Hello everyone,


just another newbie rigging question. It is the first time that I use after-market rope for rigging. Shall I use some treatment on cotton rope (I.e. syren miniature rope) like bee-wax or varnish or leave the rope untreated? If yes, should I use the treatment before installing the rope or after that? Thank you for help.


Best regards,


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Another process I have been using if you use dye stain for coloring is to dissolve some small chips of bees wax in turpentine along with the dye stain then run this through a cotton rag until the desired color is achieved then hang the rope to dry. I have been using this on some running rigging colored with a mix of golden oak and a darker walnut dye to achieve the appropriate color. I am not sure where I found this process but may have been a suggestion by Erik Ronnberg. 

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