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Chesapeake Bay Skipjack Hand Dredge Winch 3D Print Files For Public Use

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I was asked if I could make the files for the Skipjack Hand Dredge Winches available to my fellow modelers. I have decided to do so. Here are the SketchUp files for both the 1/32nd and 1/64th versions. They are to be printed in Shapeways "Fine Detail Plastic", the "Smoothest" option.


Here are views of the CAD drawings, for reference. The dimensions shown on these CAD views may not be accurate, as I refined the design when I went to SketchUp, and never went back to correct them.


The parts I had printed looked good, but I never actually completely assembled them, so some fitting may be needed. For both models the winch shaft and the support rods are to be fabricated by the modeler. The square nuts go on both the inside and outside surfaces of the legs to lock the support rods in place. The small nuts are for the top of the bearing covers, and were used to hold the bearing covers in place. These are not shown in the CAD drawings, but you can see them in the photos.







The 1/32nd drawing meets Shapeways standards, at least as far as a couple years ago. Here is a shot of the layout. Note that all the parts must be sprued for them to print it. When I had my copies printed, this was not required.



This is a shot of the 1/64th file as it is now. To be printed, you will have to add sprues, as for the 1/32nd ones. Note that you will have to cut the clutch housing off and attach it to the disk, with the two lands that mate with it. On the 1/32nd file the housing is printed in place, engaged. The winch shaft on this scale is part of the printed parts, but must be trimmed to length.


The file for this size only has one winch, so you will have to copy a second winch assembly in and sprue them together. I'm not sure why I have an extra set of feet in the sprue, I'm sure there was some reason, I've since forgotten.













Hand Dredge 32 New Layout For Spec Changes_21 Two Winches.skp Hand Dredge New SketchUp 64thFor New Specs_05.skp

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