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  1. The books are of exceptional quality, the content, the drawings and plans, wonderful. The swan collection should be had by all modelers, essential. The HMS Euryalus is huge at 1/48, it will be a beautiful model. I would buy all the books if it were not for the terrible attention of the store.
  2. Hello, today the seawachtbook books arrived, but only 2 of the 3 that I bought, I acquired the 2 volumes of the HMS Auryalus of 1803 and the volume IV of the swan class, it was just missing, the volume I of the HMS Euryalus was missing, the packaging It was intact. I got a relative who lives in the US, called and answered Miss Jennifer who said that next week she would give me an answer, she would verify the payments and why it was not sent. Next week !!!! Anyway, this store It has the worst service, they do not even answer the emails and thus we avoid so many bitter and stress episodes. I wil
  3. Hello, I have been on my HMS Triton at 1/48 for more than two years and I have just finished starting with the HMS Wenchelsea at 1/35 full scracht. Don't forget the Triton plans sir.
  4. Well, it's not professional, it's not pleasant. Why make a big mess out of nowhere? If you JUST SEND AN EMAIL SAYING YOU ALREADY SENT THE BOOKS AND GIVE THE TRACKING CODE. Unnecessary stress is produced.
  5. Todos pueden hacerlo,esta pagina se traduce automaticamente.Estoy en español y al leerlos a ustedes se cambia a ingles enseguida. Gracias y feliz año
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