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  1. Hello, I try to do my best, but I am not happy with this scale, 1/48 is very difficult for me, the next will be 1/35 ... Thank you very much for your comments, they help me to continue working.
  2. Matt D Thank you very much, I found it very difficult at 1/48 ... I did my best to make them moderately acceptable.
  3. My long-awaited book by Master Delacroix has finally arrived from the post office ... A dream for me. Beautiful book, the best I've seen, fantastic details, incredible plans, I feel very happy.
  4. I think those beams are metal? I had seen that they have hinges at the top to raise them and make maneuvers, I don't know.
  5. Absolutely happy, after only 18 days direct from Germany to Chile, the plans for my next project arrive. A historic day for me ... Infinite thanks, friend Alex.
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