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  1. Hello, thank you very much, it was a learning experience. Finally everything will take copper and it will not be seen, but I wanted to do it the right way. My cats are the best assistants, they work for food.
  2. I've already finished the port liner, I'm already on the starboard side. Please do not take into account the color of the wood, everything will be painted and the living work lined in copper. Jorge.
  3. Hello, thanks for sharing this, I did not know the library and it also has other interesting books. I hope to buy a copy soon.
  4. Hello, great shell helmet technique, I am an admirer of this form of construction. I will follow him carefully, I hope I can upload more pictures.
  5. Hello, thanks for answering. I already built HMS Triton from MSW plans, it took almost three years to complete but there were some mistakes, sorry for the confusion. It's my fault, I thought they were original. Good afternoon sir.
  6. Hello, I am following your work with attention. If you make the complete plans of the HMS Triton, could you sell it? I would like to buy them.
  7. Hello, I wanted to thank all the friends who have written to me asking about my state of health, it was complicated, almost two weeks in the hospital but I am back to continue in my HMS Winchelsea, it was the only thing I thought all day and it encouraged me to stay alive. Thank you all.
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