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  1. Hi, it looks pretty good, it's a breakthrough. When it doesn't work, just keep trying. My HMS Winchelsea model will have a copper-lined bottom.
  2. Thanks for answering teacher. Very soon I will upload pictures of my work in this incredible project. I follow in his footsteps to make a great model. I hope so.
  3. Hello again, is your company the same as the HMS Minerva? The process is very similar.
  4. Beautiful work, the French construction is very different from the English. I admire the details of your work sir.
  5. Amazing!!! Wonderful work, it's very realistic ... Fantastic
  6. Muchas gracias por responder Sr. Passaro. Tengo los 4 volúmenes de la clase Swan y estaba pensando en obtener las plantillas a partir de ahí.
  7. Wonderful job, Mr. Passaro. I wanted to ask if the wales could be made in the way that it appears in the attached photographs, I do not know the technical name but I had seen it in several frigates including the HMS Triton.
  8. The technique is very interesting, use only acrylic paint afterwards or a type of primer, what is the name of the base it is occupying and the brand? I haven't seen her before sir. Thanks.
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