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HMS Beagle by Luekutus - OcCre

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I bought OcCre's HMS Beagle a little over a month ago after seeing their fantastic build-videos on YouTube. Fascinated by both nature and adventure since a very young man, the Beagle, like Jacques Cousteau's RV Calypso, has always intrigued me. What must it have been like, at 22 years old, to hop on a [relatively] small sailing ship in the 1830s and sail off to the far corners of the world?! I have yet to read Mr. Darwin's account of his adventure, though it's been sitting on my shelf for quite some time.


This is my second build log, and my first fully-wooden ship model.

The Beagle - Day 1.jpeg

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Great choice of project! As an earth scientist and naturalist, I've read the accounts of Darwin's voyage several times and a model of the Beagle is on my life list. I'll be quite interested in following along with your build. I was in Chile in 2018, including a visit to the Nao Victoria museum in Punta Arenas, Patagonia, which includes a full-scale replica of the Beagle. See this post and the next one in my Chile thread for a series of photos; I can provide more if you're looking for details of a given area. Here's one photo for inspiration:



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I'll be following along on this build too. The Calypso and the Beagle are two really interesting subjects. I'm interested in both of them. I dearly wish that there was a high quality kit of Shackleton's Endurance. It appears that I will have to learn to scratch build if I'm ever to build her though.

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Very cool thing to have seen @Cathead, and very cool pics! I wonder why the UK doesn't build one too. I will definitely reach for more information out as move further along.


@BobG, if you went for in-ice version of Endurance you might be able to get away with less detail. :) 

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