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Attching yards to masts

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I am looking for instructions on how to attach yards to the masts of the Solid Hull kit the Rattlesnake. All that is supplied with the kit is a blueprint that shows a drawing of the yard  attached to the mast. I checked  with a few model ship suppliers and they only have full sets of drawings for a plank on frame version.   Does anyone have instructions on how this is done?

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Are you asking from an actual practice standpoint or a modeling standpoint?


From a modeling standpoint drill a hole in the yard and one in the mast. Place a pin or small nail in the hole in the yard and use that to pin it to the mast. You can further secure with glue as well. 


As to actual practice it is usually a combination of slings/parrells etc... Is there nothing that shows that on the plans or noted in the instructions?

Joe Volz



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There is nothing in the instructions its only a 4 page typed list. My understanding is that the plank on frame version has more blueprints and a better instruction manual. I did print out the instruction manual on the Model Shipways site and on page 39 and on Fig. 67 it does show the detail at the Main Mast Top it does show two single blocks that get tied to the top mast and the blocks get wrapped around  the yard  in two places. then the lines from the blocks look like they go down to the deck the question is where does it get attached my blueprints do not show that. Sorry for all the questions but this is the first ship that I have ever built.  

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also something that makes this a little easier, "pin the yard" to the mast so that the rest of the process will be less cumbersome.

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