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  1. Hi Thought about teying to do long joints with balck 0,5 rope. My biggest concern is that during sanding it will make rope hairy. Any ideas/suggestion on that?
  2. Hi, Nice progress! Doing my first build Terror also. Cut those planks back 1-2 frames as Keith said and you be fine. An other suggestion would be not to push nails totally in leave them little out. You will sand yourself mad with them in there. Remove the nails after planking is done for better sanding.
  3. Nice progress! Pictures are made after cleaning ;). Its hard to keep it clean as you add tools all the time when building. Solved it like that so that every night i will focus on certan work so the tools wont build up - like yards and rigging etc.
  4. Got clearance from Admiral to do some heavy sanding so was able to move on - had to vacuum whole living after that. Gunport bulkwark was the most complicated fit so far. Did it so that marked line on bulkwark where it should meet false deck. Fit isnt 100% perfect, some gaps, but 2nd layer will cover it. Applied too much CA at bow so it ran on keel(heavy sanding awaits i guess). That was only way to get it to stick at deck. As its my 2nd build i have learned a bit. Added some balsa filler blocks and intend to add some more before the planking. Some tore apart during sanding. i know it dosent look nice at the moment but thats my style to make hull rock solid and it all will be covered. Next is to finish with the keel and stren bulkwark.
  5. Ok so if i understand location is depending on the length on the yard.
  6. Im useing Admiralty ones vause im not familir with woodwork and it seemed like safe bet. Im happy with them-no issues so far. Only concern is which one to use. As i understand many folks use normal ones from hardware store but im not in point of experimenting yet. Also varnishes are Admiralty, this build is matt. To summarize i suggest, specially for newbie(sry if you arent). NB! Always make mockup before applying it on ship. Happy to answer if you have some other questions.
  7. Nice tip with the pin-will use that also. Tnx
  8. Hi all As my first build i have question regarding position of blocks that i point on photo. Do those have to be on same line on different yards but same mast? Occres instructions on Terror are really bad-one info on drawing but photo instructions are totally different.
  9. I did it like this but with 3 times around yard and mast. Hope this helps you.
  10. No its not a superglue. It dries in 24h but fully transparent. Question - these blocks ik pointing on yard, do they have to be on same line with every yard? Instructions are really unclear and some photos show them in complitely different location.
  11. Hi, Really nice work! Will you do the copper plating also? You plan to paint the hull? V
  12. Reached full height with all the masts, only balls are missing from top that i will do separately. 3 yards remain to be done. Havent started with deadeyes to the hull cause was looking for better chainplates than brass rod-havent find correct one yet probably cause im newby. Therefore ordered different samples from Cornwall (together with some other stuff....). I plan to do mockups for different woods for muself like i did with varnish to have better overview and also see how i can do future ships more beautiful. Anyone has experience with that gorilla glue? Did mockup and mybe it suits for ropes-will see tomorrow.
  13. One mistake i did and hope you can avoid it. Dryfit bowsprit together with bow keel so you get the keel into right spot. My bowsprit didnt align with keel and i didnt dryfit bowsprit. Will save you quite a deal of headache if you do that.
  14. Finished my first yard today-im proud. Couldnt wait for the others so had to install it also-really makes a difference on ship. Ends of a yard look little like mess with knots but hey...still first one. Again instructions are not so clear-pictures show one thing, drawings others. Also pictures dont show small wooden pieces but drawings do.I looked at the books i bought and i think i installed the middle blocks front of mast into correct location-again pictures and drawings arent the same. Also dont understand how yards should be painted. Occre has really few pictures and they are not the same also. Finally decided to make them all black and white. Run into small problem also-mizze mast ran to that wooden structure. Thought a bit how it could be sorted out-decision was done basis on what i would do in reality. They would never move any structure so i sanded it a bit. Almost looks that it was meant to be like this. Regarding instructions i really hope Hms Cruiser is much better at that point.
  15. Got bowsprit done. Tomorrow will check once again if all pieces are there. Woodwork for main mast yards is done. Now its the fitting and rigging. Also worked on some other small details that are missing from the hull. Question-do you varnish all pieces before glueing together or not? Example masts-you put it all together with ropes etc and then varnish? What about deck fittings? For me it seems its better to varnish small pieces but then theres issie with glueing or might be. Varnished masts and bowsprit with ropes so lets see how that turned out.... One more question-how to get that hariness away from ropes?
  16. More deck equipment installed. Occre plans are missing location of lot of equipment, therefore i had to wild guess the location from their photos. Also started with yards. Reason for that is to get one mast done soon to keep motivating myself with ship taking real shape.
  17. Yes thats the Cruiser - waiting for sanding....translation....good weather to do it on the balcony.
  18. I still cant belive the level of detail in your build. That level is my goal now that i probably will never reach. I call a vote. Who is with me that Bob would remove”Novice build” from the topic :)?
  19. Today worked on deck details and installed some. Dont know right names but wooden frame and crane like things. 4 got installed, 6 are ready but need installing. My thoughts were on work during the build so i dont see any efficency today. Outcame was allmost nothing for 3 hours. I still hve some brass details missing from keel. Just dont feel like i want to do it know, dont know reason why. But i will keep that in mind so i dont build her up that i have difficulties installing those. Last picture is my storage place for workshop assigned by Admiral herself. I pack and repack every time unless its weekend. Really need to het own hose and have my dream room library with fireplace and 200 years of office table and small corner for ship building. One addition-Occres instructions are really bad. That wooden frame does not have no dimensions how columns should be located. And there isnt location on deck plan. This is just one example. There is constant problem with lack of info. Even though there are pictures, there are many blinds spots that you really have to guess what should be there. I googled torreor and printed out as many pictures of build with photos of blind spots. I really hope that Hms cruiser has good drawings.
  20. Hi Hope this is right place to make a topic. Last year i bought my father a birthday oresent from anique shop. Any ideas what ship it might be?
  21. Good suggestion on the chain plates. I will follow your lead there. Have seen that making some small adjustments by buying better fittings will make a big difference. Robert your 2nd planking look really good!

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