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Capstan - Master Korabel 1:72


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This is the 1:72 capstan kit from Master Korabel

It measures  18mm x 14mm actual size. 


I picked it up from one of our sponsors, Crafty Sailor,  and I feel it is a great value at $4.99 US.


Looking at the web site illustration, you might have your doubts about using this.




But we all know, kits are what you make of them..


Stay tuned..




As you might imagine, the contents are pretty sparse, but it is all you need.  I tore the plans taking them out of the little plastic bag everything came in.  

I forgot to include in the picture, a small length of brass wire, that is intended for making rivets on the completed part.




The quality of the wood is very good.  I believe it is pear.  The parts came out of the sheets very easily, with no risk of damage.  The holding tabs were very small and easy to cut and release the parts.




I thought I should remove some of the visible char before assembly, but I later realized it was really not necessary ..  I spent ( wasted ) about 20 minutes on the parts

seen above..





I assembled the main body in two halves, using very small amounts of white glue.   The fit of the parts is incredibly tight.  I don't really think glue is even necessary 

at this point.





With all the parts together,  I mounted it on my unimat for some finishing. This is where I realized all the visible char could be removed by spinning it like this.






It didn't take much work to have a nice looking piece. 

As I mentioned earlier, there was some brass wire included to add the look of rivets, but not knowing when I am going to use this, I decided not to add the rivets at this time.


I completed this in less than an hour, and I'm sure any of our members could do as well if not less.




I'm going to be needing a capstan for my Resolution, but this is a bit too small.  I hope Master Korabel issues some other sizes in the future..

It is listed at 1:72, but I put it on the 1:64 plans I have for Rattlesnake, and it looked pretty good.  


I highly recommend this kit.  

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