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  1. Looks great!! My intention was also to use the "top and butt" planks for the wales, but with the curves in the bow it looked a bit daunting...but good to see you managed it well...gives me also a bit of confidence to tackle it
  2. Thanks! I hope i can get back on track with this step. Also everyone that liked the post, thanks for the encouragement
  3. Hello everyone! It's been a while since I updated...had some motivational problems :), but trying to pick up the pace again. Dry fitted the stern piece, soaked it...pinned it to the stern. then i let it dry overnight. And today used some glue so it's stays where it needs to be I used a screw with a little piece of wood in the middle to hold the stern piece down into the right curve. The pins just had not enough force to hold it down. Now waiting till the glue is dry. Then i'm going to plank it with some thin planks, nothing fancy because it will be painted black.
  4. Thanks for your compliment! Well i'm going to use 1mm planks as the kit supplied, but I replaced it with pear wood. So I don't know how thinner wood behaves with Chuck's method. Does your bending jig got a piece of scrap wood in the middle, where you can slide the plank underneath that your are going to bend? And maybe just try it in multiply sessions.
  5. I'm somewhat finished with sanding of the first planking layer. It's a bit difficult to decide when to stop haha, but I can always tweak something along the way when i'm planking the second layer. The first layer isn't perfect...it doesn't have to be, but I have learn a lot in the process.
  6. Looks good indeed! If you need more curve in the middle, you can always use some planks between the clamp and the strips. But maybe that isn't necessary...it is a bit hard to tell on the photos.
  7. Looks good! Bulkhead 12 could be a bit more faired, it needs a lot fairing to get a smooth transition to bulkhead 13. But you can sand the planks also afterwards, so no problem.
  8. Well done! I'm also in the sanding part of the first layer. Good idea to test the counter...will do that
  9. That's certainly a good tip of Richard44 to place the garboard strake also in advance. First thing to say is...don't overthink indeed. Especially with your first ship. I didn't understand that whole planking process neither with my first ship that I build. It's important that you get an understanding how the planks are behaving etc. So a lot on feel works fine in the beginning. That being said...if you want to use the numbers and math I found that Chuck Passaro has the most clear explanation to me about planking. http://modelshipworldforum.com/resources/Framing_and_Planking/L
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