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  1. I have the same feeling about them as you...i also do like the more traditional look without the decorations. And regarding the black or blue color... that's something to think about indeed. Thanks for your input!
  2. Looks great man! you've come a long way. You did not use the golden side decorations? I'm doubting myself to to use them. I'm not sure if i like the look of them.
  3. Thanks Mike! Yes especially the first one that goes around the corner so to speak. But with a little help of some soaking i managed it well.
  4. So now the gap remaining between the main wale and the keel needs to be filled. I'll do my best at the portion above the waterline, but underneath that i will go a bit faster and just cover the hull. A bit to much effort for something you don't see so planking that portion just how the planks will fall and lay on the hull. I understand the procces now how to calculate and divide the planks so no need to practice that
  5. Little update from what i'm doing: I glued the three underlying planks of the main wale, but realised i made a mistake because the wale tapers a bit at the bow. So I removed the lowest plank and tapered that one at the correct dimensions. Ofcourse those three planks will be covered with another three planks, but the planking against the lower part of the main wale will have a nicer run i think.
  6. I understand what you mean...it does look too monotonous, but a great time-saver for those who don't like to plank the deck. But i would too plank it over with some nice planks.
  7. I will dive in to that...and see how it looks on other people ships. 100% tung oil is easy to find here in the Netherlands, so that won't be a problem. Thanks for the tip!
  8. Great post! I'm going to wait out as long as possible with varnishing the deck. And indeed good tip with testing varnish or oils on a test piece. Don't no yet what to use for the outer hull walnut planking, but will have some time to figure that out. Yes you are totally right...just finding a sweet spot between effort and fun.
  9. Thanks Mike! Yeah the effort of those special planking was great to get it right, and there is still some tricky parts to do in that space against the bulwarks. But the result is very pleasing for the eye...it looks really something different. Great to hear that the colors even out in time...even when you varnished them? Thank Richard! You are doing a great job too...the modifications you are doing...there is a lot of inspiration for me in your log! I'm amazed at what you're adjusting from the kit And thanks everyone else for the likes
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