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  1. I just side bend the strips on a table, just exactly like Chuck explained with his method, But for the inward bend if you know what I mean, I used the "Amati Form-A-Strip". Because the bends were otherwise to strong to do it without heat or water, it would split. It's quite an easy tool and you don't have to wait or anything, and I used just normal PVA glue. Amati Form-A-Strip:
  2. I didn't have issues with wet planks on the MDF...there are ofcourse loads of water involved and the MDF can take some water before it swells. Also a lot of water just evaporates in the air. But good luck with the new bits! New round, new chances
  3. Thanks for the compliments and likes! I'm quite satified how the planking turned out to this point, but the lining off needs really some more attention with the second layer. It's still a bit off...I think it has to do with experience and developing an eye for it. It's really noticeable in the last band, where I see some waviness in the planks. Stern view...here and there some stealers, just filling up.
  4. Really interesting ship and nice scale also to build in. Sad to hear that the instructions are not that well...you would think it isn't that difficult to find someone who can write a descent Englisch manual these days.
  5. I just use little nails for the first planking. And where I use push pins, I drill a slightly smaller hole then the push pin to avoid splitting the MDF. I think everything will be fine eventually Spyglass! One step at a time...
  6. Thank you all for your kind words and likes! Also received a package yesterday with these nice tools in it. I came across them in someone else his log, I do not know which one but these scrapers looked very handy! So I ordered the two different sets on the website of Artesania Latina. They were 10 euro per set. It came in just about 4 days from Spain to the Netherlands...so service was really good!
  7. Just a small and quick update...second band is planked. I'm much more relaxt now and enjoying the build again . This is the first time I work with a rabbet and that is really a joy! Sad that the second layer is without. So if anyone is doubting to cut a rabbet just try it, it works much easier with the first planking. I'm also experimenting with the edge bending technique of Chuck and works also very fine. The planks are laying nice and flat against the bulkhead after the edge bent. So learnt a lot already!
  8. Well done Sir! You can be proud of your build! And i'm very curious about the Ontario from Marisstella, so I hope your are going to do a build log again!
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