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Bluenose by Ron B - Model Shipways - 1:64

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I hope I do this correctly....


Have been reading many of the logs concerning the bluenose,and have started making contact with some builders.

A great group of people who are so willing , and able, to help. 


A little background. Actually built a tug boat , POB, back in the 70's and quite liked it. No internet back then so just jumped in feet first and enjoyed it.

Then came 3 kids , marathon running, racquetball , 4 hockey leagues for me, and 2 for the boys, work, and rebuilding houses....fairly serious rebuilds where i did everything from electrical,plumbing, gas,tile, framing, roofing...you get the idea.


I'm hoping all this experience pays off here.


I'm starting this new adventure with a bit of a different  challenge. I live in a condo , and "she who must be obeyed" ( kudos to Rumpole of the Bailey), won't brook dust, noise, or a mess....so my plan.... my Dremel drill press and scroll saw  Thanks to Kijiji and Amazon) will be used in my storage locker...pictures soon to explain how this will work as I know it sounds weird.


I'm designing a rolling shipyard  that will house a keel holder jig I saw by Doc  Blake (just brilliant) and allow me to roll it into the elevator, and up 25 floors to the inner sanctum for the dry and quiet work. Once up there I can take the jig out of the chest and work on the dining room table.


I'm thinking of building  some shelving in there to store tool s planks etc,hand my cutting mat etc


When I have cutting,shaping etc to do, I will have another mini-shipyard in the storage locker  for that.


 I once rebuilt a Volvo engine on a 2 x 4 bench in the corner of my unheated  garage in a Canadian winter ....tools tend to stick to your skin, so cut a hole in the roof and installed a little kerosene drip stove,,what the heck was I thinking? (Beer was cold though :) )...so I figure I can overcome this lack of space conunfrum once again.


Have ordered a plethora of tools and material as well as the MSW kit and hope to be ready when it all arrives.


Yikes, sorry, didn't mean to write a book.


I'll try to post weekly if there's anything I think may be of interest, or I'm stumped....right now I have sore finger tips from making a ton of those modified little bull dog clips to hold the planks to the bulkheads.


Oh , and Happy Thanksgiving to those below the 49th. Cheer


Ron B







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Looking forward to your Bluenose build.  There are several Bluenose build logs in progress that may help you with yours.



Member - Hampton Roads Ship Model Society

            - Ship Model Society of New Jersey

               - Nautical Research Guild



Current Build - Armed Virginia Sloop, 18th Century Longboat

Completed Build - Medway Longboat

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Looks cramped and rough but actually very comfortable given it's in my locker in the underground parking...no one comes in very often, I have power directly  across the hallway which is very rare but convenient, and I'm at a corner , so there's room outside the locker to put up saw horses and create a work bench to cut things etc.


I'm building Doc's keel holder this week now that I have the scroll saw and drill press up and running.


Stay safe and warm  everyone.

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finally getting started...cutting,sanding, gluing,drilling parts fot Doc's keel jig.....only bad choice was using poplar....wood is full of splits,but i'm repairing


tomorrow hope to finish drilling and staining...loads of fun.... know it's weird but turning such a small space into a mini workshop is satisfying

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32 minutes ago, Ron B said:

anyone know why I get these large blank spaces under posts?

 I'm not sure what's causing that. I noticed you have some artifacts (images, characters in your posts). I tried to clean it up but there's still some space there.



In progress:
Medway Longboat 1742 - Syren Ship Model Company -1/2" scale

USS Constitution - Model Shipways - Scale 1:76

HMS Granado - CAF Model - 1:48

HMS Sphinx - Vanguard

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12 hours ago, Ron B said:

anyone know why I get these large blank spaces under posts?

For me, I am not seeing the photos in your posts, just a big blank space.  This started with this latest group of posts.



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Current build -- MS Bluenose

Future build - MS Flying Fish


"A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for." - William G. T. Shedd

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OK....sorry to bore you to tears, but think I have this figured out...Chromebooks are a bit differnet than laptops and require special apps.So I got one to WiFi pics from phone to CBk, and another to cpmree/resize pics....so here goes...my little shipyard20201219_155553_compress70_resize_12.jpg.358a53a2743b6bf4c945f7050a8404ed.jpg

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Just one guys opinion, but I much prefer the larger pictures where you said you couldn't insert comments.


Not sure how it looks on your Chromebook, but the forum should handle all your photo's without any problem, which puts them in a 'pool' of images to use in your post.  

You type whatever you want to type, and wherever you want an image you place the cursor and then scroll down to your images and click the "+" (plus) sign on that image and the forum software inserts it into your post at that location.

If you don't do that step, then all the photo's will just be at the end of your post.


My method is generally to upload and insert one photo at a time while I'm typing in the post so that I get them all where I want them.

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Stained and now on to some varnish, then assemble....for the record , don'ttry laminating thinner pieces to make 1/2" slab...not worth the trouble...shop shop shop, and don't rush like I did. I also find poplar has a lot of inherant faults.....well, better to learn on jigs20201226_144048.thumb.jpg.f7d2c817c2aa18fdba7f618db5f2b851.jpg 

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Har har...I keep reading how 20210108_215317.thumb.jpg.225201b50bdcb0f1367bd7121f6d33c9.jpge gets in the way....you'd think after 70+ years on this planet I'd remember that...anyway, the mobile shipyard with removable jig is done....on to building....think I found a local print house that will be able to copy the plans so that i cut them up as many of you have recommended.


and....even tho' Im a Canuck....go Packers!!

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I did a dry fit of the keel and bulwarks tonight.....sooty little devils. Wiped everything down with old rag and lightly touched with sanding stick.


Bulwark A took a lot of sanding to get it to sit. B to D moderate, but the rest went smoothly.


Noticed a small out of alignment with the bottom  1 of the keel pieces...about 1/32 longer than its mate, so I'll check against the  plans and fix.


Couple of bulwarks actually sit down a little below top of keel so will need to adjust those.


Overall , no big surprises. 


Looking at that narrow area where the stern post will go, has anyone tried drilling parallel to the plywood surface with a Dremel then inserting a metal rod (paperclip piece maybe).


So next need to have copies made of plans, cut them up, and draw out beard/rabbet . Also, make paper tracings of each bulwark, do the folding  exercise and see if any are not symmetrical.


My Packers are done, but my Habs are rockin'

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