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Thank you for allowing me to join Model Ship World. I am a part-time volunteer on the USS Iowa, BB61, now docked in San Pedro, CA as museum ship. I did most of my volunteer work when it was docked in Richmond, CA, for six months, having preliminary work completed before being towed to San Pedro. I have two plastic kits of the Iowa sitting in my closet waiting for my attention. However, I am currently interested in locating a paper model of the first USS Iowa, BB4. I know that one model was produced by Golden Bear Models, long since out of production. If anyone knows where I might find this model, I would appreciate hearing from you.
Thank you,

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The Golden Bear kits were really quite nice. They used to be sold as digital downloads from a site called Gremir Models that went out of business a couple of years ago. The place to inquire about Carl (aka Golden Bear) is at papermodelers.com, where he has been a longtime member. But he hasn't visited the site since June, so I don't know what the story there is. Michael Mash (also his username), who is also a member at Paper Modelers, has built several of the GB models, and expertly so, so he might have some insight into Carl's recent whereabouts.



Chris Coyle
Greer, South Carolina

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Welcome to MSW, Scott.  Good luck on finding more about this model.  I hope your search goes well.

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