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USS Constitution by Garth O. - Mamoli - 1:93 Cross Section

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This will be an abbreviated log up to where I am now with my build.


Here it is right out of the box.



Starting to put the frame together.



Closeup of the first error with the kit.  There pre-cut spacers for the frames and the kit included not enough long spacers and too many short spacers.  So this is my solution.



Here I am assembling the deck beams.



A shot of the assembled frames and deck beams.  Note: If I was to do this over I would have not followed the directions and would have completed the the internal part of the model from the hold up.  There was limited space for getting all the stuff between the decks.


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Next I started on the planking


Here is the start on the interior planking.



Interiro and Exterior planking complete with gun ports and bulwark opening.



The green rectangels are what was included in the kit for the copper bottom.  They were not uniform in length and the ends were not cut square, so I decided to purchase some copper tape, a pounce and make my own copper bottom. 



Adding in the railing along the bulwark and the beam supports for the mast and stairs.



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This shows how I did the fake trenails, since I could not do real ones because the deck beams were in the way. 


Measuring the distance.



Drilling the holes.



Checking the fit.



Cutting to length.



Sanding smooth.



Blackening the edges with a charcoal stick.



Lowest deck complete.





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Bottom two decks planked.



Starting the copper bottom and painting the exterior,



Almost finished with the coppering.



Bottom two decks complete.



Carronade frames.



Carronades and long gun with pumps.



Long gun with rigging.



Hold and bottom two decks.



Top deck started.



Almost finished with top deck.


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Hey Garth,

Very nice looking build, makes me want to drag my kit out from under the bed and start it. Copper plating looks great! Please post more pics on the rigging when you get there.


PS Organize your book case lol, just teasin!!!

Have a great day and happy modeling!



Pikeville, KY

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How would you rate these cross sections on difficulty?. I like the extra details in them that you don't get in the full models.I might give one of these a go one day. Yours is looking good, I'd like to see some more close ups of it, if it's not too much trouble.

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Mathewp - I started this kit thinking that it would give me a taste of a full model.  I have never built a planked model before so I thought it would give me a good introduction.  Then I opened it and got my first good look at everything.  The first thing that I noticed was the instructions were translated into english - oddly worded but readable, but the materials list was still in Italian.  Not being an expert in ship terminology, I couldn't tell what was what.   So I scanned everything and ran them through an program that spits out text documents from scanned images, then looked up the meaning of the words with an online translator and replaced the Italian words with the english meanings,  At least I had heard of those before, and it made it much easier.


The instructions were very sparse, I did have the builds from the previous version of this web site to follow and that helped out a huge amount. 


If I were to build this model over again I would modify the build order.  I would finish the hold before adding the deck beams and flooring above it, and build it from the hold up that way.  The decks are so close together that it was difficult to get the pieces where I wanted them and the rigging for the guns about drove me crazy (note: the model does not have you rig the guns or do the trenailing in the decking - I added that on my own.)


All in all I am happy with the model, it was hard but not impossible.  


About the pictures I did have more of them on the 1.0 version of the site I can add some more if you like.  Anything in particular you would like to see?


Thanks for the kind words Geoff!

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I found your log very informative. This is my first ship build ever at 76 yrs of age. Yes, the instructions are very sparse but thanks to the plans my kit is coming along. I took your advise on the distancia pieces for the hull framework. I am having a bit of trouble deciphering the sizes. With some help I found ou they use the metric scale so that was a help. But their are some sizes I am having trouble with....maybe you can help me?

Some sizes I am having trouble converting are......

  0, 5x3

  1, 5x4

What I am looking for?

Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks


email address chaltun@verizon.net

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Hi Garth,


very nice cross-section but is it possible to change the gravel. I use the gravel for aquarium because of the scale. I think it looks better than the thick stones


Look at this pic




You have done a good job on your cross-section until now.... :)

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It has been a while since I have posted an update.


I have finished the ratlines and am now starting on the Yards.



These are the ratlines for the upper part of the mast.



Finished Ratlines.



Shroud and Backstay



The first Yard is attached.


I have been having a devil of a time with the rigging so far.  This is the first project that I have done that involved this much, and I am was getting frustrated.  I did not know how to tie the shrouds to the top of the mast, so the spacing is inconsistent and made tieing the ratlines difficult.  the deadeyes kept turning and rotating so I think that they look sloppy and I am not sure how to get them to stay put.  I had been sulking over this for a while and then decided that it's the best that I could do with my limited experience and it was time to move forward and improve my technique for the next project.  


Anyway this is where I am at today.

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Your rigging looks pretty good. It is better than you think. Trust me. The main thing here is that you be happy with it. Frustration is something that we all get every once in a while. My last bout was yesterday evening. :)



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Thank you for the information!


I am enjoying working on this kit as well, but have been disappointed by the quality of the Mamoli kit. I have ordered a lot of supplimental items, and am also scratch building some items.


Your model is coming along great! I look forward to more pictures of your progress.


Thank you,



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