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  1. Hello Tom, hmmmmm I think the best way to handle your planking is.........put Wood Filler on, then grind well...do this twice and at last you need a second planking 0.5mm Planking made of basswood. This Wood Typ is easier for a beginner to handle. Do not be disappointed if some things do not work the first time. I broke off my first planking and tried it a second time ... then it worked. Nevertheless nice progress and please stay with it I send you the Pictures from my HMAV Supply earlier as Tom´s Block
  2. hey there!   Happy birthday.....hope your day was super!

  3. Hello Alaska, sorry I read that just now and Clare is right, sometimes you can get the Book by Ebay. Well, my vacation is to end and I'm back home. With the Gros Ventre I build her soon further and thank you very much Brian
  4. Hi folks, I'm from the 06. until 26. August in Englewood Florida and maybe someone can give me an address (or more ​ ) for a good model shop and maybe a few addresses for beautiful sightseeing or something like that. Here it goes again after my vacation......!!!!
  5. Hello and a good Morning to all, I thank you both and yes my workshop now is really big but absolutely awesome. No more worries about a dirty guest room and now I can leave everything when guests come
  6. I'm still alive Our move to the new house is finally finished, my new shipyard has built up and soon it will be resumed here Stay tuned
  7. Our move into the new house is finished and my new shipyard is built up, everything is back in place and I continues here in my buildlog. Now here are some pictures of my progress on the sovereign: I've been working with gold foil and the 6 Parts must be polished
  8. Hi folks, I'm still alive.....!!! We move at the end of the month in a house and there I have a Shipyard of 20 m²....coooooool For this reason, I have already packed my entire shipyard and this is already in the new house. So I do not know when I can continue to build my ships at the moment but I still read here in between in the forum and I am glad when it finally goes further. I hope everything goes well and I see you soon again.
  9. You're so right Dick, with every step you will be better and this is important to me......!! Learn learn learn to make the next steps better Here some pictures from the sternpart and the the frames are not done yet, will only show me how it goes further. All this is not 1000%, I'm doing this for the first time but I can live with that
  10. Thank you Dick and you are right. I have to made the frame 63 anyway the second time, because yesterday I cut the first "gunport" sorry I don't know the word for this (you can see it on the picture) and made the next mistake........I cutted on the wrong site Here you can see what I mean
  11. Hi Antony, that's a nice progress what you've done. I like it, well done....!!
  12. Hello Panagiotis, Although this is not my time for this kind of warships but you are doing a fabulous work on this ship.....Brilliant Details and your deck planking is great.....!!
  13. Hi to all, thank you for your comments and all the "likes" you did....!! Today I build my first Frame (Nr. 63),first I had to do was sawing the frame out, than sanding on my "Sanding table", than sanding with hands and at last I put the tree nails on. The color from the tree nails are too bright, I have to find out what I can change. Here are the pictures:
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