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HM Cutter Mermaid by Bundybear1981 - FINISHED - Modellers Shipyard - 1817 -Scale 1:48

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Hey all.  After the untimely loss of all the data on this site I'm going back and re-doing my build log from the start.

This is my first model, the HM Cutter Mermaid 1817.  Its part of Modellers Shipyards' Australian Colonial Series of ships.

I'll try and remember all the little hiccups I encountered throughout the build as to help others who get this kit make it without the same issues I encountered.


I'll work on getting back to where I am on this build tonight on here (luckily I still have all the pictures on my computers)


Cheers all

Jason Tarr


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And back to the build log.  Each "Day" is broken in to the days I have spend building this model. Some times there are a many days between work days (letting glue works dry ect.) 


Day 1- I get home from work and find my lovely package waiting for me :)



The Contents of the box



The contents spread on the desk



The ship kit



All the contents of the kit spread on the desk


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Day 2

Today I made a start on the Mermaid.  I've cut the bulkheads out of the laser cut ply and fitted them together.  Most required minimal faring to get a nice and true fit.







Side on view




Front View



Angle View




After leaving it to dry for the day I went back that evening and fitted the deck to her.



Now to leave it dry for the next couple of days.




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Day 3

Today I finished shaping the bulkhead ready for the first layer of planking.


Bulkhead Prepped and fared



First Plank in place




I found the dressmaker pins were a bit too big for the overall use so I ended up switching over to smaller map pins.  They tend to be single use (the heads fall off them) but they are pretty cheap so its not an issue.

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Day 4 - 6


Throughout the next few days I worked on doing the first layer of planking.  Some mistakes were made during this first layer but will be covered up come the 2nd planking layer.  I used medical vascular clamps to help with alignment of the earlier planks (this tip was shown on the instruction DvD that accompanied the Mermaid)


2nd Plank - Port Side


2nd Plank - Starboard Side






3rd Plank

post-676-0-51259900-1361095436_thumb.jpg post-676-0-50245900-1361095446_thumb.jpg post-676-0-60882400-1361095453_thumb.jpg




Planking Complete - Side Shots

post-676-0-57640200-1361095632_thumb.jpg post-676-0-47757100-1361095639_thumb.jpg


Planking Complete - Front Shot



Planking Complete - Rear Shot



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Day 8

Today I lined the inlay of the whales and installed the inlay timber on the whales.  A fiddly and time consuming days work, but quite easy overall.  I used some scrap to make the spacer jib to make it easier to ensure correct spacing.  The master cutter was a great tool for cutting the small inlays accurately.


 Timber Lining in the deck



Timber Inlays Installed  



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Day 9

Over the course of the last few days I've fitted the 2nd layer of planking.  Contact adhesive made easy work of fitting them on the first planking layer.  There was a slight issue where I didn't sand the whales back far enough and ended up with a bit of raise that made planking a bit more difficult but was able to work around this.  For any others building this model I'd say to make sure that its all smooth and flush along the sides.



2nd Planking Layer - Rear Shot

post-676-0-66910100-1361097177_thumb.jpg post-676-0-93081700-1361097186_thumb.jpg



2nd Planking Layer - Side Shot




Had a slight issue with a hollow spot on the laser cut ply for a part of the rudder setup but was able to use some scrap to fill the hollow nicely.



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Day 11

Over the course of the last few nights I've constructed the bitt heads, cat heads and pin rails and fitted them to her.  The small triangle file was a great tool for carving the timber grooves, made it so easy.




 Deck Furnishings









Pin Rails Placed






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Day 13

Well I've caught the build log back up to where I am up to.  If I think of anything I have missed I'll add them in as I go :)


But back to what I'm up to.  Today I fitted the mast and bow stem.  Next will be starting to do all the rigging work.  The Mermaid is starting to look like a ship now!



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Guest midnight

Glad to see you re-posting your log Jason . I like watching how some else goes about building the same model i have done . Keep up the good work . My only suggestion, and this might just be the camera angle , but a matt varnish might be the way to go next time .



Cheers Dave

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Sorry for delays in updates here, had my laptop die. Just got my replacement one today.  Fortunately I had the data backed up elsewhere so losses were minimal. 


Back to the subject at hand, over the past few weeks I've completed the rigging process for the Mermaid.  Overall I was quite happy with how she came out and learnt a lot on the way.  I found the rigging to be quite enjoyable overall with only a few little frustrations.


First Rigging Works



Some more works on the rigging



Rigging Completed





In summary, I found this to be a nice kit although I did run short on a few bits (quite likely due to my error or not reading instructions clearly enough)

It was a fairly easy build (they rated it at a Skill Level 2, with 6 being the hardest) and the instructional DvD was a great help during the process.  I greatly built up my tool collection during the build too.


Now off to build my next model, the Colonial Schooner Port Jackson.

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That's come out very well, mate!  Good on yer!


Your schooner will be the 'Mercury'.  The original plans in Greenwich are labelled, "A Schooner for Port Jackson" and were sent out in 1803 on the "Calcutta", but by the time they got here the Government had already aquired some small ships and didn't need the schooner.  As far as is currently known, Mary Reiby's "Mercury" was the only ship ever built to these plans (it's the ship on our $20 note).



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Hi Bundy, I'm a new member and I've just joined NRG and still coming to grips with how to navigate their site and what the terminoligy is. I've inherited the Pt Jackson Schooner from an older friend who has lost interest.

He has left me with some very good beginners tools also.

I have no illusions that this will not be a 'walk in the park' build. However I have the patience to follow through with care. So far I've glued all the ribs and the basic deck in place. Is it best to start the hull planking first or the deck planking. It looks like it would be easier to do the deck planking first because it would be easier to cut the overlaping planks to the shape of the schooner. But I look forward to your advice. From what I see of your build, you look like a professional. Your ship looks awesome. Regards Phil Suter, Elwood Victoria Australia.

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