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Graphic Novels depicting Sail Ships (XVIII and XIX centuries) (moved by moderator)

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there are currently on the French Market some graphic novels depicting the kind of ships the members of this forum enjoy to build. These novels are extremely well drawn and the attention to details is outstanding. The stories are quite often riveting and the reader has a hard time waiting for the next installment of the series.


I believe that some of these series have been translated in German but I am not sure about the English language. Even though you may not read French, the drawings themselves are a treat and would justify the purchase of one or many albums.


I wanted to introduce you to two artists:


1) Jean-Yves Delitte who is the official artist for the French National Marine Museum and Collections. Jean-Yves produced three series Belem, U-Boat and Black Crow and I have uploaded the front covers of the albums:










as well as some pictures to show his talents:




Jean-Yves also authored two books about some famous ships:






2) the second artist is Marc Bourgne who has produced a very large quantities of graphic novels and seems recently to dedicate his time and talents to the series Pirates of Baratavia:














Here again, the drawings are extremely beautiful and the plots riveting:









I encourage you to procure one or a few of these albums and enjoy the adventures of Corsairs, Pirates, British, American and French naval forces as well as romances and intrigues.



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The draughtsmanship looks first class and it does look as if the illustrator-author has done his research. I particularly like the lower illustration in the double-page spread you posted.


Be interesting to see if the French editions are readily available in the UK, though I guess the European Bookshop off Regents Street, London, should be able to get them easily.


Thanks for drawing our attention to these!

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Amazon has the books. They are in French so you have to learn or freshen up the language skills. :piratebo5:


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