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Looking for Aeropiccola Serapis instructions


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Hello, I'm Pierre and I recently started with wood modeling again. I have now built 3 flat bottoms. I have come into possession of a kit of the Serapis from Aeropiccola Torino.

I do have the large drawings but no construction manual.

Can someone help me with that?

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Hello Pierre,


Welcome to MSW. I can’t help you with the requested drawing. The only thing I can do to help you is suggesting that you put an ‘informative title’ on your topic. Something like ‘looking for Aeropicola Serapis drawings’


Btw we have a ‘new members -section’ Putting a messgae overthete, presenting youself, will draw some attention to you, and your question here.



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H.Hahn drew up plans for the class - Roebuck 1774 - they are 1:98 - they are available for sale.  A Web search should bring up a link.

Given the level of quality in an Aeropiccola kit - there should be more than enough additional detail - beyond what Aero plans provide.


As for instructions - there are more than a few books covering POB kit construction.

The kit build log forum here should provide any how-to possibly needed.


Just guessing here,  but I predict the following:

The number of moulds provided by the kit will not be sufficient to build a proper hull.

The wood will be brittle -  this not being a result of the age of the kit - this is because poor quality wood was what the kit originally provided.

You will probably need to add more moulds - or use fillers.   All new and better quality wood purchase probably necessary.


A 44 gun frigate is a complex and difficult subject.   It has all of the difficulties of a 74 gun ship - the 74 just has 2-4 times more of it  OR a 100 gun ship which has 4-8 times more.

Kit builders who come from a plastic background often have an unrealistic expectation for what the provided instructions contain.  The more recent kits from select companies are becoming more hand holding in nature.  The older kits, especially the pioneers like Aeropiccola  were a lot more -you're on your own -good luck!  Instruction books and journals were much more necessary.


A cutter, sloop, schooner, or brig would probably be a more friendly next step.

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