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What to do with an empty thread spool...

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What to do with an empty thread spool? Well, here's one item I was able to make from one - one of the two capstans I will need for my anchor hoy. The picture shows the three main stages of transformation. Sorry, the finished item will have to wait until later this month when I have it finished.


The small spool was one from Bluejacket and since I didn't have a suitable piece of round stock in my dowel stores, the spool worked out well! The only prep work was gluing in a suitable dowel to use as the center and for holding by the lathe chuck.


I turned the capstan (and its separate base) in about a half hour, give or take. It was turned on my PSI Turncrafter Pro Midi Lathe.  This will be the after capstan and I will turn another one similar (but without capstan bar holes) for the forward capstan.


Right now I have on hand about a half dozen small empty spools and several larger ones. Glad I kept them!


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When a kid, Dad would separate the calves from their mama's. Did that here, where I now live, and haul them to the Athena place where we were living. Those calves were turned out into a large stubble field, for two to three days they would be going around and around the fence,  looking for their mama's and a way out. Brother and I were given the job of keeping them away from the fences and if any got out to get them back in. We did this horseback, one year I begged my mother out of some empty thread spools,  put them on the ends of arrows and we took them to the field to watch the calves.  If  those calves started crowding the fence we would make an Indian attack on them on horseback and shooting those spooled arrows. Had fun and didn't hurt the calves. Only problem was once a calf jumped through the fence and it took about a hour getting him back in and an other was my brother got bucked off when, after recovering our arrows, he jumped back on his horse, somehow the bow got between him and the horse, horse didn't seem to like it and he had to regather his arrows as well as his bow. We rode bareback and mounted by grabbing  the mane with one hand and swinging aboard, try that today and probably end up kicking the horse in the belly, I ride a mule today and he would probably kick back. See what mentioning spools can do, this time it got some old duff to write about what happened over 50 years ago and probably no one wanted to read. Glad this site is such a friendly one, maybe I won't get my hands slapped.


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Great story, Jud.
And you are right about mounting a horse nowadays, or at least at my age. My wife and I (in our mid 70s) rented some horses in northern California a couple weeks ago. We had to use a small step stool to climb aboard. I was so embarrassed!! 

But we had a great time riding in the surf along a long stretch of issolated beach. There were no spools involved, but almost some spoils.

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