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Starting my first RC kit out


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I have a fiberglass hull that is a replica of my fathers commercial fishing boat (pic below).


The hull is about 44 inches long stem to stern, and 13.5 inches wide across the stern.


I'd like to start with an electric motor and add RC controlled steering and speed controls including prop and rudder. I'm completely new to this and I would rather spend the money putting the right gear in side the boat than rip it all out later and start from scratch.


Can someone give me some pointers on where to start, and what brands/equipment I should be considering.


Also since this is a model of a commercial fishing boat, is there anywhere online that sells scaled parts and accessories like tackle blocks, mooring fittings, etc.





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Hello CodeMonkey; Being a subscriber to the British "Model Boats" magazine, I'm having the

privilege of contributing to and being the recipient of model-build helps & suggestions. You may

wish to subscribe to the "digital" edition to benefit from the excellent Forum coverage of R/C,

electronics, motors, fittings source, etc.  Regards, pollex

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Hi Cornwall model boats is a good place to start I would go for 2.4 ghz digital they are cheap and you don't have to worry about interfering   with anyone or anyone interfering with you you will need as a minimum 2 servos (forward reverse right left) and if you want to have any other moving things you will require more (like working lights, winches, anchors. And such) you will need a speed controller, you will need to experiment with where you place batteries and ballast. The most important thing with rc is rc on first then receiver receiver off first then rc or you may have a runaway boat.

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