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What are these? Deck furniture of the Clipper Ariel (Moved and retitled by moderator)

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A few things on the plans of my clipper model i was curious as to what they were.

If you could also provide maybe a picture of each item too? the plans are such bad resolution i cant get a good look at them. the one model thats been made of this ship has a completely different layout than what is shown in my set of plans. Any help is greatly appreciated. While we're at it could someone maybe explain why this person did the layout differently? heres the link to the model pictures:



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Starting from forward, your four items are:


1. A cargo hatch, but with a solid covering of hatch boards and tarpaulins, not as wrongly shown in this restoration, with gratings.




2. A dolly winch for working cargo, but without the gypsies for the anchor cable.




3. A small compass binnacle - perhaps a bit like this one.




4. A steering box.








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I would need to agree with John.  Looking at the reference model, she matches John's description, and the deck structures don't match what are shown on the plans - note the size of the aftmost deckhouse on the plans relative to the after structures on the model.


Looking in MacGregor's The Tea Clippers Their History and Development 1833-1875 (1952), his deck plans (page 153) are very much the same as the model, and dramatically different from the plans you have.  He includes some of the comments from the Lloyd's Register Survey:


This ship has been built under special survey as per order No 346.  Is ship-rigged and has a flush deck, with a small house on deck for galley &c forward.


MacGregor also notes that the survey report specifies that there are one long boat and 2 others; Brown's (I.E., Brown & Harfield's) patent windlass; patent steering gear; wire standing rigging and hemp running rigging.  According to MacGregor, his deck plan thus includes:


A monkey forecastle with small capstan, mooring bitts, and ventilator to forecastle; the heads to each side of the monkey forecastle on the main deck, and in the center a scuttle leading to the forecastle 'tween decks.  the B&H patent windlass abaft it; fore hatch; cargo winch; fife rail around the fore mast; deckhouse; long boat on chocks; main hatch and cargo winch; mainmast and pumps with fife rail each side; two boats on chocks with standard compass in between; quarter hatch; capstan with a ventilator on each side; sail hatch; mizen mast; companionway to after accommodations; skylight to saloon; binnacle and close abaft it a monkey poop on which is placed the wheel and wheel box.


I will try and get a photo of the deck plans from MacGregor for you.


Hope this helps!

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Spencer Your plans look like the ones one can download for free fro the Russian site.  No provenance is given.




They obviously are quite different, I have suspicions about the Russian plans authenticity.



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Hey, Tom.  The plans I posted are from MacGregor's The Tea Clippers Their History and Development 1833-1875 (1952).  I will try and get a better picture of the description in there - I had a tough time trying to read it with a magnifying glass.



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