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It's Trafalgar Day

Chuck Seiler

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If I recall correctly, as of the noon log VICTORY was only doing 1.5 to 2 knots...and that was with the wind almost directly astern.  The FRENCH/SPANISH fleet, with a much worse aspect to the wind, had to be doing a fraction of that.  As we know, a huge storm hit shortly after the battle.  The long, deep rolling swells that preceeded the storm wer ehitting the BRITISH form astern and the FRENCH/SPANISH from abeam.  Good times were had by all.

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If I remember correctly (and it was about 1963, so bear with me on this) when I was at school in Gibraltar we always recognised Trafalgar Day.  Mind you it was a 'Naval & Dockyard School' and the locals on 'the rock' were fiercely pro British ...... probably still are....thanks for jogging my memory.


Pity England only 'Expects' and does not 'Require'


Rob (Oxford UK)

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