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Best books for this


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Thank you all for the warm welcome.


I do have a question that I hope someone can answer. I'm sure that there are many books on the subject of rigging. I'm looking for a book that would describe in great detail with clear pictures how to rig 19th century ships like the Niagara and Constitution. I'm looking for a book that has more detailed drawings as well as step by step how to's that would go beyond instructions found in kits.

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I was able to find and download a digital PDF version of Lennarth Petersson's book "Rigging period ship models".  WOW - what a wonderful resource for proper rigging.  I really like that his drawings isolate very specific elements of the rigging...for example clewlines for the fore mast (p. 83).  This will be a big help to me in completing the running rigging on Rattlesnake, and for Fair American next year.  Now I need to find a hard copy of the actual book at a good price...


Thanks to you guys for making me aware of this great publication.



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In my opinion nobody has yet written and illustrated the perfect ship model rigging book. Young Sea Officers Sheet Anchor has so much information but its not written or illustrated with the sort of unambiguous clarity or step by step explanations one could desire.  But your cheating yourself if you don't buy this excellent bargain book. Lees Masting and Rigging or English Ships of War is great too but very expensive. It gives you a great deal of comprehensive information but still won't give you the step by step "walk you through the process" that I think is what your looking for. Rigging Period Ship Models would be a good place to start, as has already been mentioned.

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Throwing in a few more comments:  Lever, Steel, Harland are all excellent authors of rigging and all have valuable information.  Other authors include Lavery, Hahn, Napier, Ronnberg, Marquardt, Underhill, Longridge, Chapelle, White, Goodwin, Biddlecombe, McKay and others.  Petersson is OK but be careful as he made a number of errors. 


The Niagra is a very different ship from the Connie meaning that you cannot find a single book for both types.  You might find one for each ship but more likely you need to verify the instructions in the kit by consulting the authors noted above.  Rigging also changed on each ship so you will need to pick a time frame and then do some research. 


Personally, I enjoy the research and associated discovery, plus this gives me a more representative model (as soon as I finish one and get to another...)


Above all, enjoy the process and the discovery!



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