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10 gun cutter kit to bash into Witch of Endor?


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One day I'd like to scratch build a large Cutty Sark. I need to practice first. A smaller vessel, less rigging etc. I've built a few plastic kits of a number of different ships. Cutty Sark, Constitution, some old "Spanish Galleon" when I was a really young kid….. I think a simple kit would be a good place to make the foray into wood. I have always liked the story of Hornblower escaping down the Loir river and absconding with Witch of Endor. I suspect she'd make a great first wooden model. The problem is, she's fictitious. I'd like to know if anyone knows of a reasonably simple wood kit of a generic kit of a 10 gun cutter that I could bash into the Witch. Or is there a kit of the fictitious ship out there somewhere?

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Have you checked Caldercraft/Jotika?    Otherwise, you'll have to wait  until someone who might know shows up.  Seems lots of people disappear around this time of year. :)

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You could look at the Amati Lady Nelson, the Mamoli Hunter, or the Caldercraft Sherbourne. All of these are attractive cutter models and fall into what you might call beginner kits, but as with any kit they are what you make of them.


I don't recall Forrester going into much detail about the Witch of Endor other than she was a 10 gun cutter so you could probably choose any of the available kits and call it what you like.


I wouldn't get too hung up about specific gun numbers, there were often more ports than guns onboard these small vessels, and guns were moved about to suit.


A search of the above names should bring up the details of the kits.





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The Sherbourne has ports for 10 guns, but the kit supplies 8. I suspect the ports in the bow would normally be used only in cases of necessity as otherwise they might be too much in the way during normal sailing.



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Interesting concept, which leaves you a great deal of 'leeway' since Forester doesn't go into much detail about her. I seem to remember the vessel in the Gregory Peck film was painted a light blue! I would think you could use any of the three kits mentioned. Speaking personally, I think the Sherbourne would be a good basis for the 'Witch' – although you would probably have to update her pre-1780's masting and yard arrangements.


As Tony mentioned, the bow ports wouldn't be much use for guns, there being no room – unless they were of a special recoiless type, permanently run out! Their position would also make them rather wet in operation! :huh:





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The Lady Nelson is a 10-gunner cutter as well as being a highly recommended kit.



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