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USS CONSTITUTION by Shnokey - Mamoli - Scale 1:93 as she appeared in 1812 (5 Window Design)

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Hi All - I posted years ago before the site renewal last spring. It's been a few years, but I'm back at it, so I thought I would post a few "as is" images and start from here. It's modeled after the book "Anatomy of the Ship The 44-gun Frigate USS Constitution" by Heinz Marquardt. I know there is some controversy over the window counts, the style and the design as she sat in 1812, but I really liked the 5 window design, and in a few books, it referenced 5 windows on the stern, so that's what I'll do. All of the kit plans have been replaced by the images, drawings and references in the book, so i'm trying to make it true to Heinz's drawings and ideas. I like they way it's coming out.  







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The bow work is underway, much different as she sits in Boston harbor (about 40 miles away from me) ( I have a ton of images if you need them) This is all from the book (drawings and designs) all the gold on the bow and Transom is 14 carrot Gold Leaf. 










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 That template you made for the stern the 5 window. I have the model shipways kit. I would like to try this on mine.you said that you did it with c&c. I’m 73 so I can’t figure that out. And the scale is different. This ship is my second build.i still work to jobs so I want to plan the stern and what you did looks great.if you could explain how I can transfer that to my scale it would be great. Thank you for any help.

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shnokey - like many on this forum, I am a USS Constitution enthusiast who like you is within driving distance to the USS Constitution.  I too am building the Mamoli kit but it is becoming more of a scratch build to make it match August 1812, though I am no where near your talent.  Couple of requests:  "  (1) Any recommendations for "How To Sources" for learning a C&C machine (too late for where I am in the Constitution build, but would be helpful for HMS Victory);  (2) What glue do your recommend for attaching the copper plates to the bottom; (3) Suggestions for sealing the copper plates after installation so they stay like new with time; (4) Please post updated photos, your work is amazing.

Thank you  

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