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What size thread to make what size scale rope?

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Thats a loaded question...It really depends on the original thread brand and material you use.  In addition...it will also depend on how tightly you lay up the rope.


There are many factors.   The best way is to just find a bunch of thread and experiment.   Experiment with various timing to control the tightness of the lay.   



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In 2005 I made a lot of experiments and wrote article about this, but in russian.


Most of that results I put at the end of this manual

Prosak - User's Guide, v. 2.1.pdf


Full version of article with graphs (at the end) you may find here



(try to use google to translate from russian to english...)

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Hi Twintrow,


I expect all the answers say the same, trial and error.

I've been making model ropes for many years on what would be deemed an old fashioned mechanical walk, 3 metres long driven by motor.

Over the years I've amassed many varieties, colours and thicknesses of "rope" which all depend upon two main things - starting material (number of strands) and tension. Just record all rope runs with number of yarns per strand, number of strands and weight tension used. For each new mix record the measured diameter. MOST important record the source of the material used.

You will amass a lot of charted data, but at least you can track the setting and material that produced the rope required.

PS I've also found spools of ready to use "rope" on the haberdashery racks, 3 ply, beige or darker and just waiting to be used for sheets, and lifts etc. Don't forget to record what was used, where found and the codes!


Aye, Kim

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