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Mamoli Lexington Brig.

Davy Jones

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I wonder if anyone can help me. i Have the Lexington Brig by Mamoli, And i'm sure everyone knows that the insructions and pictures they provite are vague to say the least. So i was wondering if anyone knows of any ship build logs that i could follow

While trying to build my own. I have got part the way through the 1st layer of planking. But am totally stuck to the rest of it, Here is a pic of how far i've got.

Thanks in advance.




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Its been a long time.

My Lexington model has sat in my closet since Febuary 2014 as the instructions for it were not as helpful as they should be, and RL problems and stuff getting in the way, so I basically gave up.

But now with this Virus thing hapening I brought her out of mothballs and started learning, researching ie looking a lot of other modelers builds. But I could never find anyone who built the Lexington by Mamoli. untill i happened apon Zappto's build. Thankyou Zappto for posting great pictures of your build, They have helped me greatly. so i started again. This is where i am upto. About a weeks work.


1st planking.jpg


ship 1.jpg

decking 2.jpg

deck sanded.jpg


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6 hours ago, Davy Jones said:

Thank's Bilge Rat. Not sure about a build log though, Seems like a lot of work looking at some of the other craftmens build logs on here.

Well, the log is good for several reasons.  The first is you'll have others watching which can be helpful.  Another is, anyone who builds the model after you has a reference.

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