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King of the Mississippi by barnol2461 - Artesania Latina

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I started this build approx twelve months ago and has been an on and of project. 

Attached are photo's showing how far I have got so far.

1.    Firstly is the front


2.    The middle


3.    The rear


4.    In the alcove in the middle I have put livestock which to me looks quite effective.


5.    There is then the top of the 2nd deck front and rear



6.    With the cabins I did not put the cast windows in as I am planning to fit light inside so that they can be turned on at night to make it look effective. Still not completed as you can see.


7.    Next is the front and rear of the 3rd deck



8.    The 4th and 5th decks


The stacks had there metal parts dry fitted to see if they fit fine.


9.    The 1st set of stairs which have been a nightmare to complete. The handrail would not go right so I have tried using rope which looks effective. Not yet finished as I need to tidy the ends up, unfortunately the rope that came with the model is not nylon based.


10.  The 2nd set of stairs have been started but a long way to go to get them right.


11.  The paddle wheel has been fitted , only needs the arms on either side fitted to finish it of.



This is all that I can show you at precent but will update further when I get more work done. Is there anyone that can give me ideas how to improve my model or advise me of anything I have done wrong. Anybody that has done the stairs I would be very pleased if you could give me some advice as to how to do it correctly.


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Looks good so far. I have never built one of these but have always wanted to.

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looks vary nice so far i have the same build as for the staires  what i did was lighty glued the post to a peice of wood then glued the frist 3 steps from the bottom then started the cuve for there step 1mm apart  if u like look at my build u see what i mean good luck with your build keep up the great work

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ok here barry here are some pic for ya to try to help u 






hopes this helps u out if u need more info just ask good luck take your time theres no need to rush it   

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You have a very good start on your project. The stairs, I think are the hardest part to get right and any creative solution may be the best thing to do.


Several "King of the Mississippi" build logs are on the Model Ship World site. They are all worth while looking into to see how others have tackled various problems. Adrieke, Dragzz, John46, Robert1965, Rick, and others have done an excellent job in documenting their builds. I speak for the others in welcoming you as you share your work as you have already done so above, :)



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Thank you all I will try to document the build further as I work on it but at the moment my back injury has had me bed ridden since the new year so not much going on I am afraid.

The ideas that you all have given are greatly appreciated, I will accept all the advice I can get.


Thank you



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I am just starting this build. I hope mine comes along as well as yours has. I also hope your back injury heals in short time so you can stay ahead of me...I will need as many tips as I can get! Very nice work!

It's never too late to turn the tide...
Current Build- King of the Mississippi- Artesania Latina- 1:80 Scale

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You seem to have addressed an issue that I've just across. I'm fabricating the swinging doors for the engine room on the lower deck. The instructions say to use 1x4 stock for the frames, but I find that that width covers far too much of the actual door panels. Did you use differnet stock? Did you rip the 1x4 to 1x2 or something in that range?




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