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Restoration Yacht by Kiwiron

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I have just been given this old yacht or coastal trader by a guy at work in his 60's,his dad used to play with this model as a young boy.It will be a slow restoration there is some good work on it,brass and some plastic.It looks like it's carved out of solid timber.It's about 1 metre long.The name on it is from a steamship that used to call into Lyttelton.I may strip all the paint off wait and see the deck is 10mm solid wood,the strip at the bottom is lead.Any info or advice to it's restoration will be greatly appreciated thanks ron.











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I've done a couple of restorations in my time. One very similar to your project. I took a hint from another of our members here and asked the owner what did he want it to look like when all done. Did he want a brand new boat, or did he want to maintain the "antique" quality? If the latter, I'm not sure I'd take all the paint off, but rather try to repair what was there. I think you'll have your hands full cleaning up the metal fittings (if they haven't degraded too much), matching the rigging line, installing a new bowsprit, etc. Are all the blocks still present? If you really feel the urge to paint, tackle the foretop. It looks like it's been replaced previously and the staining doesn't match the other spars.


Anyway, just a few observations. Also, take lots of pictures now so when you start to take the boat apart to clean it, you can get it all back together again in the right order. Otherwise, she's a nice looking pond yacht with a history. Go to it!



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Thanks for the advice Tom,i can do what i like to it as he gave it to me just see what people think is the best.The rest of the bowsprit is included and a few more blocks.Good idea with the sails and photo's.I would like to remove the deck to see how it is constructed underneath and who knows maybe a date of build.To do that i would possibly need to remove the cap rails.I have had a look under one of the cabins aft end the deck is quarter inch solid wood and looks like the hull is carved out of a solid piece of wood like a dug out canoe.We'll see.ron.

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