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Bluenose by ThorBob (v2.0) - Model Shipways - 1:64 Scale

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Hello all!

Way back in 2010 I started a build log (on MSW 1.0) for my Bluenose from Model Expo. This was my very first wooden ship model, and I found tons of help from the forum members. The ship was completed back in 2012, but alas, the build log vanished together with  MSW 1.0. So now I am attempting to re-create this log through the tons of pictures I have left. At this point I have forgotten a lot of the build, but I can hopefully remember enough to make this useful for somebody. So, apologies in advance for all inaccuracies!

Starting off with the actual kit from Model Expo:






And some of the source material used during the build:






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Hey, Thor -  it's good to have you back.   I recall your Bluenose as being an excellent build.  There are several people working on her now who are going to appreciate what you have to offer..  I will be following along again as well!  Maybe you could post one shot of the finished build as a teaser :).



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Bob, Elia - thanks for the welcome! Great to see you guys here - just like old times! It must be mentioned that Bob's great Bluenose build-log was a huge help to me throughout my build. It would have been a very different ship had it not been for all the inspiration from this forum!



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So, lets see if we can remember how this all went together...


Starting off with the center keel assembled and the rabbet cut below the bearding line:






Dry fitting of the bulkheads:






And the bulkheads glued in place:





Stern block installed and shaped (used a dremel for that):








More to follow...



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On to the hull planking. Thanks to the sleek lines I recall the planking to be quite straight-forward; with the bulkheads faired the planks joined up nicely. 



First the waterway planks installed:









Then on to the hull planking. Its a single layer of planks, so even though the hull was to be painted I wanted it to be as smooth as I could get it.













Planking complete, first sanding done. Those beautiful schooner lines are starting to show!







Then a layer of filler was applied (yeah - LOTS of it..):








Then a final sanding (creating much dust...) and a thin layer of wipe-on poly:







More to come..



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Did you pick that kit up at the hobby shop across the street from the courthouse? I picked up all their 3/32 size blocks just before the holidays. It's the only store in town I think. Unless you know of another one? I have two of those three books and look forward to seeing the build log.



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Hi Daniel! Nice to see "locals" around here! Back when I bought the kit (around 2009) I actually ordered it, can't remember from where I got it. But I have later bought quite a few odds and ends from Maritime Hobby (I'm guessing that's the store your are referring to). They have some nice stuff in from time to time. 



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Time to start planking those decks!


The center foredeck planks being installed. In hindsight I should have installed a thin false deck; this would have made the installation of the deck planking easier in some areas. To simulate caulking I rubbed the edges of the deck planks with charcoal. Messy, but ultimately came out OK!






The foredeck planks are "nibbed" into a thin nibbing strake that runs parallel to the waterway boards. This was a bit of a challenge since its a very thin (and breakable) plank to be working with. But I finally completed all the cuts without breaking it!






Fore deck planking complete, first planks of the quarterdeck being installed.





Quarterdeck planking being installed. These are a bit trickier than the foredeck because they are all tapered.








The quarterdeck planks are also nibbed.





All done with the deck planking, planks given a light sanding and a thin coat of wipe-on poly.





More to come!




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On to the scuppers:


I replaced the called out 3/16 bulwark plank with a lower 1/8 and an upper 1/16 plank. The 1/8 plank lined up nicely with the fore- and quarterdeck in such a way that small cut-outs on the top would work as quarterdeck scuppers and cut-outs on the bottom would work for the foredeck. By pinning the plank down on the drawing I first marked out the scupper locations, then using a flat machine vice as a "depth guage" I filed out the scuppers with a small needle file. This gave the scuppers a nice, rectangular shape.





"Scuppered" plank dry-fitted:





Scupper plank installed and filler applied:





After the scupper planks where installed it was time to install the false timbers to the bulwarks. Unfortunately I have no shots of the actual install of these.




It was around this time that I suddenly discovered that my ship was about 5mm too short! So I made an add-on piece for the stern block, and later hogged out the stern interior to get the correct interior deck length. Took some doing, but came out OK.





"Add-on" block glued and clamped to the stern:





Filler applied to the stern:









More to come!



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Onwards & upwards!


Prior to installing the cap rail I need to paint the deck waterways (light grey) and bulwarks (white).







 Then came the installation of the cap rails. I managed to break several of the laser cut pieces and ended up making most of the parts from scratch.


Stern cap rail:






Shaping the cap rails:





Bow cap rail:





Halfway done:





Cap rails installed:








More to come!





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Time to lay down some paint. I used water-based acrylics which I sprayed on. 


Starting off with a thin layer of white as a primer, the first coat will raise the grain of the wood, so a quick light sand is in order to knock down the "fuzz".


I then sprayed another coat of white, then masked off and layed down the red, then finally masked off for the black (while retaining the white stripe). Then at then end I masked off and painted the thin yellow stripe.


First coat of white:







Then all done (no in process shots, unfortunately)










More to come!



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Thorbob,  thanks for the "do-over"...   I am just starting this build and your log is very helpful, especially with the quarterdeck planks.  Question...  you sprayed the paint, how?  I am planning on using my airbrush at that point.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Great job btw!!!



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I'm a new member here. Your work here is fantastic!


I once ordered the HMS Pandora from Model Shipways and got as far as planking the hull, and putting the decking on. Then things got pretty complicated after that and I didn't know how to proceed. This was before I was even aware of this site. So I never got further.


Your work here is amazing. I can't wait to see further progress.

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