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Erato - homeport Särö


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Maybe someone is interested in a few old photos taken by my great grandfather. All of them are taken around 1880-1900


Can not add them in the running text since there seems to be some problems with Windows 8.1 / IE11 on this site.


1 Erato - owned by my great grandfather and used for pleasure and also in his business - he exported wooden bobins for spinning machines used in the British textile industry.


2 Erato in Travemûnde


3 4 5 Marstrand harbour on the Swedish west coast. Marstrand is known for being icefree almost any winter and also because king Oscar II used to spend part of the summer there. The Swedish gentry used to follow behind.


6 Marstrand  - I think it is the Royal Yacht that you can see in the background


Got a couple of pictures outside of these  - e.g. ships crew - if anyone is interested









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Great photos.   The issue is with IE11.  I'm not sure if IE11 is the default install from the factory on Win 8 or if it was an update.   See if it's installed as an update.  If it was, it can be uninstalled and IE will roll back to IE10.  Use Google and "uninstall IE11 Windows 8" as keywords and without the quotes. 

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