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  1. Just some minor repairs and a paint job
  2. I guess that she will be really impressed....... or am I wrong? So far it has been with great delight that I have follow your progress - impressive (showed some pictures of PE where you can see the "smallness" - she was impressed but commented " I hope you are not going to build something as big as that" Shamrock
  3. When drilling several holes in plastic models (motorcycle brake disc vent holes scale 1:12) I have found that using a tool that you can hold like a pencil. Dremel or Proxxon multitool or a simple pin vice (I use Amatis), will put less stress sideways on the drill - thus less drill breakage Shamrock
  4. Any reviews or experiences on this kit? Bought it second hand from ebay. Looks fine, but quite old, no laser-cutting, have to do it with a scroll saw. Major problem is - instructions are all in german. Has anyone got an english language instruction??
  5. A beatiful ship!! And the craftmanship looks really great. No worries mate (about the frame thickness). As you say - when you are ready the overall impression will be great Shamrock
  6. Your ropes looks great to me. Is there any tricks or advices you can share if I try one? Or is it just trial and error to getting used to it? Shamrock
  7. Thanks Good advice is always listened to Shamrock
  8. Has anyone tested or read a review on the Amati ropewalk? It looks very simple and the price seems fair, but does it work properly? Shamrock
  9. What a kit! I do not think I can stop myself from getting it - even though I have too much in pipeline right now (three ships, two motorcycles) For anyone wanting to put som extra effort (and too much money) into this kit, I found this http://shop.autographmodel.com/L-P-1-8-motor-kit-Arno-Hydroplane-Ferrari-Engine "Only" 900 euro!!! I am lucky that it is not in stock - the Admiral would have me keel-hauled. But what a kit!!! The building instruction is downloadable if you want to torture yourself Scamrock
  10. Hi decided to more businesslike coils than the Flemish type. This is how it looks.
  11. From the Royal celebration - King Oscar II 25 years on the throne. Outside Grand Hotel and a general picture from the Stockholm stream Oscar - a small freighter that my great grandfather used in Göta kanal to ship bobins for spinning machines to Gothenburg Some guys in Copenhagen who are ignorant about the use of razors.
  12. Thank you for "die Erklärung" - pity it is long gone - would have been nice to see it when passing through Kiel. Shamrock
  13. :)I think your assumption might be correct Shamrock
  14. This picture from 1895 bears the note "Kiel restaurant" - to me it looks like a real ship (except for the entrances)......... or is it a fakebuílt restaurant posing as a ship? At the same time the next picture was taken "Inauguration of the Kiel channel"

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