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Good price for HMS Victory kit?


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Using offer code MMJ14 the price comes up at $235.99 or 74% off the full price.  

74% is close to best offer for ME kits.  So if you're interested, go for it!

PS.  get on Model Expo's email list and you will get these offers every week on different kits

That's better!

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Hobbyco is even cheaper, but i'm not sure they do overseas shipping. They have it for $335 AUD which is about $300 USD atm. I'm actually quite surprised how competitively priced the Hobbyco Mamoli stuff is in international terms when usually stuff here have 20% to 100% markups across retail generally.

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Just be aware that this kit is smaller of the two versions that Mamoli offer. This one is 1:150 scale. Their other one (which I'm building) is 1:90 scale.


If you want to go with a larger version, I would suggest saving your pennies and going for the Jotika / Caldercraft version (1:72 scale). It's arguably the best Victory kit on the market at the moment. There are plenty of build logs here to see this kit, but if you check just one, have a look at Gil Middleton's log - it's probably the "Gold Standard".


Or, if you wait a little longer yet (and save even more pennies), Amati are about to release a new version designed by our very own (MSW's that is) Chris Watton. It looks to be a real beauty!

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