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Xebec 1:60 scale scratch build by mij - Finished

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I purchase a set of Amati Xebec plans 1;60 scale last week, and I must say, these are a very nice set of plans.

This model will be built around these plans with some alterations.






I used Cherry for the Stem, Keel and Stern and Tulip for the Bulkheads.

I wanted to use 5mm ply for the Bulkheads, but my local store only had 4mm ply in stock, as I had a load of 7mm Tulip, I milled it down to 5mm and used that.



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Hi Mij.

Yes I remember now you posting on where to get the plans :)

I can see why so many people like this ship. Just look at the lines in the photos above :)

Nice Jig .. Keeping the keel straight and the bow and stern square.


Looking good.


Regards Antony.



May be of interest to you.

Edit Added link

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Hello mij

I'm glad to see another Xebec build surface.

I recently acquired the ANCRE monography of Le Requin and I plan to one day attempt a POF of this magnificent vessel. I've been curious about the Cornwall Amati plans, so I'm glad to see this build log as I'm considering a POB build as a warm up before a fully POF attempt.


That cherry keel is a really nice piece of wood. I love the way cherry carves, that had to make carving the rabbet easier. Have you decided on other woods, such as for hull and decking. I can't wait to see how you do the double decking. The Xebec's deck and grating design is such an unorthodox way of building. The deck planking has such a really interesting pattern also.


I was just curious. What all came with the Amati plans? It looks as if they sent an instruction booklet but I was wondering what number of sheets are included with the plans and what info is there. I like the 1/60 scale and the price is really reasonable. 

The ANCRE plates are 1/48 which come in at 1.22 m. Although there is a single plate at 1/72 I prefer the 1/60 size for a POB. At 720 mm it should be more space friendly then the 1/48 also, but larger for better detailing then the 1/72. Anything past 1/60 also starts getting too small to work with for me. I've seen a Corel kit that has her square rigged, what they claim is polish-style, which has the square rigged main and square top mizzen rig that to me ruins the Xebecs lines. I love the tri-Lateen rig. How do you plan to rig yours?


Another thing I've wondered about the displaying of the Xebecs is why the stern quarters are always ruined (Le Requin has beautiful carvings there) by having the oars mounted on the sides. I'd love to see a Xebec displayed with all oars in the water. It would really bring out the galley look of her lineage. That would require working sweep ports though.


Looking forward to watching your progress. 

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The Amati plans consist of, a very nice instruction booklet in Italian, an eight page building instructions in English,

1 to 1 sheet of all bulkheads and every thing else that needs to cut to a shape.

1 to 1 sheet of the yards, and a 1 to 1 sheet of the finish model, plan and profile.

These are a wonderful set of plans.

They came from Coenwall Models £12.96 ($17.28).



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Thanks for the info on the Amati plans, mij. That helps make up my mind. Sometimes its easier to buy the plans to scale rather then trying to copy and scale new plans.


I like your wood choices also. I've never seen Sycamore used before but its colour is perfect for decking. You have a lot of gratings to make, you'll be well practiced after making all the grating for a Xebec.

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Fitting jelutung between the bulkheads.




Bending 4x1mm cherry over a home made plank bender.

The planks are placed in cold water for about 10 minutes, then taken out of the water and then placed over the hot plank bender and worked to the shape you require.

Use the water as frequently as required.







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Hi Antony


Yes, there will be some carving on her.

They would be on the tip of the bowspit, the main rail to the poop rail, side of the poop deck and on the back of the stern.

I`m not quite certain what tipe of carving I would do yet, but I`m open to all suggestions.


Kind Regards



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