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Jotika's Diana or Amati's Vanguard?


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So, all you master shipbuilder's out there.  I think I've narrowed my next build down to either Jotika's Diana, or Amati's Vanguard.  So I want to throw it out there and ask for opinions.  Up to this point, three out of the four of my builds have been AL - and honestly I'm not thrilled about their kits.  But, it didn't matter a ton because I scratch build a lot of stuff.  Anyway, I'm ready to move on to a different source.


Who makes a better kit, Jotika or Amati?  I'm excited about the Vanguard because I know what has gone into it's design, but I also get the feeling Jotika makes a better overall kit.




- Bug

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Chris Watton designed both kits, so both of them will have similar design concepts.  However, Chris being the innovator he is, he has regularly made improvements to his designs with each new issue, and that will be reflected in the Vanguard kit, since it is by far the newer of the two.  I have the Amati/Victory Models Fly kit in progress and can tell you honestly it is a great kit.  But like any kit, it has compromises and can be improved upon by any modeller wishing to do a little extra research and work.  Same is most likely true for Vanguard.  I have also built a Caldercraft kit, and it was a great kit, too.  So, bottom line is both are good kits, but both can be taken up a notch, especially since you say you have experience scratching parts.  The deciding factor may well be how much model do you want to commit to?  One is a frigate, the other is a ship of the line with all that entails.  Either of them will be a long-term project, so I'd go with whichever one set my heart to beating just that much faster.



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Thanks for the insight Chris! I knew Chris Watten was behind both, part of the reason for my enthusiasm. I am going to have to evaluate my display wall space for the larger ships, I may have to punt and go with the Fly or Pegasus if I don't have the room...



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Just a little word here.  The Amati Vanguard may have one drawback, and that is the metal gun carriages, to which it is very difficult to attach the gun rigging.  But maybe there is an upgrade kit to replace these carriages.

I don't know if it is still available, but Model Shipways made their own kit of the Vanguard (under license from Amati) so that could be an interesting alternative for you (shipping costs)

I am pretty sure that the Diana kit would be a more difficult challenge, but in my opinion this is one of the most elegant ship models available for the time being.  (and looking at your avatar, you look like a man of challenges :) )


But first, finish you beautiful Santa Maria, OK ;) ?



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