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H.M.S. Triton Cross Section by Sandman - 1:48

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Hi All,


I am relatively new to model ship building and I am currently busy with a kit ship build. This hobby has really bitten me and I have been toying with the idea of starting a scratch build for a while now. I didn't want to start to large a project for now so when I saw the Triton cross section project, I immediately thought it would be perfect.


Seeing as I live in a country (Namibia) where wood is hard to come by and incredibly expensive the next step was to see what wood I could build it with. I found an old peach log and re-sawed it in order to use that. Although the wood is perfect I do not think I have enough for the entire project. I decided to use Kiaat which is a local wood and freely available here. It keeps an edge rather well and is very easy to work with. It also polishes to a rather nice finish. For the planking I plan to use Oak but I am still doing more research on that. I am open to any suggestions regarding that.


So the next step was to download the plans and get the saw dust flying. The rough lumber was cut into usable sizes using a band saw and the timber list as a rough guide. Next I cut the three pieces in the first plan and sanded them smooth. 


To make the rabbit, I formed a scraper from an old hack saw blade using my rotary tool and some needle files. A picture can be seen below:




Here I am busy forming the rabbit:




The three pieces are shown below. All in all I am happy with the result.





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Hello everyone


Just to keep everyone in the loop, I have heen very busy at work and home and thus have not been able to do much work on the x-section.


I have resawn the lumber that I will use for the frames and cut the pieces of the first frame. As soon as I have something respectable to post, I will do so.


I am doing research on how to do the cannons at the moment. I do not have a lathe so will probably end up casting them. I am considering pewter but have absolutely no idea how to do it so will still have to do some reading up.




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