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HMS Bounty Jolly boat by Spiff - FINISHED - Artesania Latina - First wooden boat model

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Hi all

Here is a brief reconstruction of my build log for my first wooden ship model, the Bounty jolly boat.

It will really mostly be the pictures, which I luckily still have, from the old log, but please feel free to ask if you would like comments or help on anything about building this fine little model.


When I started the model it was beautifull weather and I could sit outside in the sun and build away - nice!  :D

But as can be seen in the last picture (with text in) I was unsure of wether the frames should be flush with the top of the false keel, or have equal distance to the bottom of the false keel. After some friendly adivse from users of MSW I ended setting them with equal distance to the bottom of the false keel so that the planks would sit well on the frames.





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Some more pics. First my setup for keeping things flush against the bulwarks (fellow danes will recognise the bottles B) ).

I choose to stain the ship to give it a slightly used look.

I thought I had more pictures of planking it, but there are only some from after finishing the planking. But I did take some of the difference between the sanded and non-sanded side.

The planks weretn completely flush, so seen up against the light the cracks show - wouldnt want to be in my boat! But you dont see the cracks when just looking at it normaly.








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Here are som pics of the hull stained and varnished and beginning the rigging and other details.

I was unsure of wether I wanted to use the brass nails or not, but ended up using them. They are not to scale, but I think it looks quite nice.








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I have read The Bounty by Caroline Alexander which is an account of the events - that was reallly why I choose to build the jolly boat - and when I have enough experience I want to build The Bounty. I can recomend the book although I never finished it because the last part is all about the legal proceedings that happened when Bligh and some of the mutineers got back to England - that part of the book got very booring (to me).

Im generally surpised and a bit disapointed that there arent more model kits of explorer vessels for example  The Endurance.

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What I read was the journal of Bligh while they journeyed to Timor abandoned. I also did some study about the trial and fate of those captured. Its amazing that nearly all were finally captured. Bligh's mutiny record is also interesting, seems he had more then that one. IIRC he was on his second trip to tahiti when the crew was caught and the trial performed. His second voyage had soldiers to prevent such from happening again.

Its fun to study the history of a ship, if it has one. It makes the build more then just an act of modeling

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