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Smuggler by Jamie Peghiny - Bluejacket - Scale 1:48 - 1877 Gloucester Fishing Schooner

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Hi Folks,

I just checked in on the forum today to find, as I'm sure you all did, that all of the content has been lost. 

I don't think I can recreate my whole build log but I still have the photos on my laptop so I'll repost them here in chronological order. 

I made several small tutorials within my original build log and I will recreate those in the appropriate section when I can. 

This is a terrific forum and though much has been lost, I know the members here will dive in and rebuild it.

It's late and I'm tired so I'll get going on this over the next few days.


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It is great to see you back.  Yes, the loss of old MSW content is staggering, but the folks here have dug in and have begun rebuilding... It is impressive what has been rebuild so far in such a short time.


Looking forward to seeing that beautiful Smuggler model continue...





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You can see in a couple of the photos that the beakhead has warped badly.

I made a new one, which went very quickly, and glued it on.

The new one hasn't warped.



Photos submitted January 2012











Edited by Jamie Peghiny
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